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Crisis in the Classroom contains exclusive interviews with national newsmakers on the frontlines of the education battle and documents the dramatic changes in American education in the past fifty years.

It exposes both the hidden agendas of the education establishment and the growing grassroots opposition that may still thwart their plans.

This powerful program takes you on location - from California to Connecticut - covering the stories the media have ignored but parents need to know.

Crisis in the Classroom: Hidden Agendas and Grassroots Opposition is an informative three-part documentary that will help parents understand the "key" education issues and why they are so important for our children and our nation.

In Part One: Crime and Curriculum - you'll see and hear about the dramatic increase in public school crime and the purpose behind changes in your child's curriculum.

You'll learn the disturbing reason why our children now turn their chairs "inward" in groups, why academics are now de-emphasized why confidential questionnaires are given - often without parental consent, and why illiteracy jumped 500%.

Part Two: Hidden Agendas - reveals the history behind most education reforms and the failure of the federal government's "model" OBE school districts. You'll learn, too, about the plans to deceive parents and local communities into accepting a radical agenda for their children.

Part Three: Grassroots Opposition - takes a look at the growing grassroots opposition to the national education agenda and focuses on two ways parents are protecting their children - reading and political action.

You'll meet mothers who are teaching their own children to read AND witness the surprising success of dedicated parents in their battle against this radical education agenda. 58 min.

George Allen, Governor of Virginia
"Only in education has the situation been without accountability." 
Governor of Virginia
Thomas Sowell, Author, Inside American Education
"Parents have no idea how they are being undermined." 
Author, "Inside American Education"
Dick Armey, Majority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives
"Outcome-based education ... trains the child away from the attitudes, beliefs and convictions that parents teach children at home." 
Majority Leader,
U.S. House of Representatives
Fob James, Governor of Alabama
Goals 2000 ... is contrary to the welfare and beliefs of Alabama citizens." 
Governor of Alabama

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