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— Our Programs —

Court Watch's programs are of two types: education and engagement.

Education: "[Our] people must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives," declared James Madison (our fourth President and the "Father of the Constitution"). Court Watch educational programs empower our Judeo-Christian army with the "arsenal of knowledge" necessary for our effective engagement in the Culture War. Working with the Blackstone Institute, Court Watch offers courses and short studies revolving around the theme, "Revive the Constitution!"

  • These studies are appropriate for all ages — teens, collegians, and adults.

  • Studies address the most crucial issues of our times: protecting religious liberty, especially of persecuted orthodox believers; supporting the sanctity of human life; protecting the Biblical family unit and opposing homosexual activism; supporting the rights of creationism in the battle with evolutionism, etc.

  • The worldview approach is basic to our educational program, with focus on the role of the courts and the Constitution in today's War of Worldviews (i.e., the Culture War).

  • Studies are available in a variety of formats: multimedia online, printed, CDs/DVDs, etc.

  • Skills as well as substantive knowledge are taught: skill in leadership, critical thinking, oral persuasion, professional vocabulary, citizenship, etc.

  • The centerpiece of our education package is our cutting-edge, unique online multi-media course, "Reviving the Constitution! This is available in a full semester Basic Version (for high school and college), a Leaders' and Laymen's Version (for older adults), and the Blackstone Blitz Version (a jam-packed, three-hour multimedia study to put patriots on the fast track to preparing for the Culture War); this "core curriculum" is supplemented by our "companion curriculum," consisting of shorter studies covering a variety of topics in a variety of formats.

  • Teens have the exciting opportunity to join our "Truth Triathlon Team," committed to "teens teaching teens."

Engagement (Activism): Two primary thrusts of Court Watch's activism efforts are (1) securing the appointment of Constitutionalist judges, and (2) fighting for "court-curbing" measures (e.g., Congressional laws) to rein in runaway judges. Through Court Watch's "Activism Academy," patriots of all ages can become effectively engaged in the Culture War, utilizing in significant ways the knowledge learned in Court Watch's educational programs. A few of the actions which Constitutionalists can take in implementing their knowledge are:

  • Lobby before government agencies for Constitutionalist causes;

  • Lead other patriots to arm themselves for the Culture War by involvement in both individual mentoring and group activities (e.g., civic, educational, professional, issue, political, and parachurch groups);

  • Speak out in the media on behalf of Constitutionalist causes;

  • Lead younger patriots in becoming armed (e.g., through student groups, students' use of Court Watch/Blackstone information for speeches, term papers, etc.); Eagle-Blackstone Truth Triathlon Team squads participate in a range of activities limited primarily by their imagination and that of their leaders — moot court, Constitution bowls, vocabulary bees, educational skits, contributions to our cutting-edge periodical, Trumpet of Truth, etc.

We Urge You to Join Us in this Critical and Exciting Campaign!
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