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VOL. 12, NO. 6July 28, 2010
Our Dying Constitution — and How to Revive It

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One of the Grand Old Men of the U. S. Senate, Sam Ervin, wrote in 1981 that
The usurpation of this power [to amend the Constitution] by Supreme Court Justices does not prove that the Constitution is a living instrument of government. On the contrary, it proves that the Constitution is dead, and that the people of our land are being ruled by the transitory personal notions of Justices who occupy for a fleeting moment of history seats on the Supreme Court bench rather than by the enduring precepts of the Constitution. [emphasis added]
Senator Ervin's perceptive observation illustrates that a vicious, climactic battle over the Constitution, the country, and the culture has been underway for many years — even though this front in America's Culture War is just becoming visible to many Americans. Reconstructionist (Humanistic) judges have been guilty of the "usurpation of power" to which Ervin refers, substituting Reconstructionists' "transitory personal notions" for the Constitutional text and Judeo-Christian/Constitutionalist foundations in interpreting our fundamental law. The Kagan nomination to the U. S. Supreme Court is another significant Reconstructionist blow at the Constitution.

Can YOU do anything about our dying Constitution? SHOULD you? ABSOLUTELY, YES! The recent surge of support for our revered fundamental law encourages battle-scarred veterans of this war, and sends forth the clarion call: We Americans have the MANDATE and the MUSCLE to fight for the Constitution, and we must be empowered with adequate and accurate knowledge to fight effectively to Revive the Constitution.

We also must have a plan of action to guide our battle. The Blackstone Institute and Eagle Forum's Court Watch have designed such a plan for the 2010 elections, and beyond — our "RTC ('Reviving the Constitution') Plan." With Congress coming home soon for summer recess, candidates will be everywhere. Use this opportunity to present the RTC Plan to candidates and incumbents, asking them if they will support all of it? none of it? parts of it (if so, which parts)? At the very least, your action will further the education of many segments of America concerning the necessity of Reviving our Constitution!

The foundation of the RTC Plan is education; the focus of the Plan is a set of specific actions involving the people and their representatives in governments across America. The Plan can be summarized as follows:

  1. Congress
    1. Shall deny federal courts the power to hear challenges to:
      1. Acknowledgements of God on public property and in official utterances such as the Pledge of Allegiance;
      2. Federal and state actions that protect marriage as traditionally defined
    2. Shall refuse to recognize, fund, or otherwise enforce court decisions that:
      1. Invalidate an educational program because the program teaches the pros and cons of creation science alongside evolution science
      2. Are based totally or in part on foreign or international law, except for the classical English Common Law and the Judeo-Christian worldview
      3. Negatively affect the unborn child ("unborn child" defined as in the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act)
    3. Shall attach to each of the above measures a provision that denies federal courts the power to hear challenges to that particular measure.
  2. The President shall nominate, and the Senate shall confirm, judicial nominees who clearly and demonstrably adhere to Constitutionalist principles.
  3. State Legislatures shall pass resolutions urging national officials to pursue these Actions.
The objectives of the Plan are clear and simple:
  1. To employ a basic set of arguments for articulating and defending Constitutionalist principles before and after the election
  2. To attack the major continuing threat to our Constitution and culture posed by Reconstructionist decisions and expose their fatal flaws
  3. To understand the Plan's goals and the weapons available to us in this battle
  4. To access the extensive Blackstone educational archive for continuing mastery of new weapons to fight the battle to Revive the Constitution!

You, too, can arm yourself and help your fellow patriots to become armed with knowledge to Revive the Constitution! Available online or directly from the Blackstone Institute are educational weapons to start you on your mission, including:

  • "Courting Justice Blitz": a spectacular 45" multi-media DVD and printed materials overviewing the battle to Revive the Constitution and the RTC Plan
  • "Blackstone Blitz": two 55" "whiz-bang" multi-media online presentations with printed materials arming you to attack Reconstructionism and defend Constitutionalism
  • "The Basic Blackstone": our "must-read" piece, included in each of the Blitzes (and available separately), and containing the new second edition of our premier "Constitutionalist Manifesto" and "Constitutionalist Papers"
  • Each of these Blitzes can be studied individually or in groups
  • Create a bombshell "Mega-Blitz" by combining two Blitzes into a single study to be covered in four separate sessions, a four-hour workshop/seminar, etc.


EagleForum.org/courtwatch or BlackstoneInstitute.org or 325/673-3020

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