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Contact: Virginia Armstrong
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America's courts, Constitution, and culture are in crisis; and Eagle Forum's Court Watch has long called for decisive action to resolve this dangerous situation. Court Watch supports the effort now being made by Senate GOP leaders to mount a filibuster against the Senate's liberal Democrats. This unprecedented "filibuster against a filibuster" is the latest GOP response to Senate Democrats' unconstitutional filibustering obstructionism of some of President Bush's most important Court of Appeals nominees.

At stake is nothing less than the protection of our national sovereignty, the reclaiming of the Constitution, and the restoring of the rule of law in America. By definition, the rule of law in America requires observance by all parties involved of our written Constitution. And "observance of our written Constitution" means that "the sense in which the Constitution was accepted and ratified by the Nation [must] be the guide in expounding it, [or] there can be no security for a consistent and stable government" (James Madison, the Father of the Constitution).

The selection of federal judges committed to these foundational principles is becoming all the more critical as our constitutional republic is threatened by a new danger—"international law" used as the standard for interpreting our national Constitution. In a blatant and unprecedented invocation of "international" or "foreign" law, six Justices of the U. S. Supreme Court in a June, 2003, decision voided the Texas sodomy law (Lawrence v. Texas). Their justification included citation of England's highly controversial Wolfenden Report: Report of the Committee on Homosexual Offenses and Prostitution (1963), the European Convention on Human Rights, and a European Court of Human Rights decision invalidating Northern Ireland's prohibition on homosexual conduct (Dudgeon v. United Kingdom, 1981). Subsequent out-of-court statements by Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Stephen Breyer have strongly suggested their enthusiasm for the further subjugation of the U. S. Constitution to non-American standards.

Eagle Forum's Court Watch calls on all Americans to join us in repelling this latest threat to our national sovereignty. We must stop the filibustering of judicial nominees and give all judicial nominees a fair vote on the Senate floor, supporting those who respect our Constitution, our national sovereignty, and the rule of law. Eliminating filibustering obstructionism is an essential step "to make certain that men in power [will] be governed by law, not the arbitrary fiat of the man or men in power" (former Justice Hugo Black).  

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