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Does The Military Have The Nerve To Celebrate Mother's Day?
     Phyllis Schlafly Column, 4-30-03

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Speaking from 22 years military experience that started in 1968 when the Army still had WACS, I can tell you we never asked for women in our combat units, did not want women close to our combat units, nor did we want them in our combat support or combat service support units. . . [more] E.W. Major, SF, USA (ret) 

I served & fought in Vietnam during 1968 - 1969. I recall, or perhaps it was one of the "out of body experiences", that because of the WWII Sullivan brothers unfortunate deaths, there were rules or regulations prohibiting the same family members from serving on the same ship, the same engagement etc. I seem to also recall the rule that the "only son" of a family could not be expected to fight in combat , since he would no longer be able to carry on the family name if killed in action?  
Does the nature of an all volunteer Army change the above? — P.B. 

A revealing report and one that should be listened to...Women have no business in Combat despite having arms and legs...There is more to it then simple mobility — JRN 

This story is exactly why woman and conciousness objectioners have no place in the military to begin with. Being a man that has served in the U.S Navy I can tell you that men do not want women in the military at all and it is not Nazi Feminist putting the pressure on politicians it is the women in the military demanding equal treatment until it comes time to go to war and even then women are saying they should be able to go into the combat arena so if they survive they can earn medals that will look good in their training jacket and any application to college they make using the G.I. Bill. I have seen small 5'5" 110lbs men be required to lift a piece of equipment into the nose of an aircraft that weighs 75-85lbs by themselves and if they can't do it they are told to hit the gym and get to the gally and eat more to put more muscle on or get out while women that are 5'10" and 160lbs are given help and understanding. . . [more] —  D.S. 

Shame on the Pentagon! Shame on the generals! And especially, SHAME ON THE FEMINISTS! Bravo, Phyllis on another excellent column! — S.K. 

Loved your column but it should be addressed to the politicians who forced women into a combat role. I am a retired Air Force Colonel that flew over 100 combat missions in Vietnam. I recall how feminist forced women into nontraditional and irrational roles. Their unisex idea makes no sense. We are different, and thank God for that difference. . . [more] Col. F.J.E. USAF (Ret.)  

I was a WAVE Hospital Corpsman in World War II, and your email hit a nerve. I served my country to replace the Male Pharmacist Mates who went to war. I worked 14 hours a day and stood Starboard and Port special watches at night for the pay of $51.00 a month. My role was to replace the Navy Hospital Corpsman who went into battle with our troops. This I did because this was my country and my way of serving in time of war. [more]  — K.G. 

Enjoyed your April 30 e-newsletter concerning "Military Mother's Day." 
We live in a role reversed, gender neutral, unisex, gender blender society. The military has now been feminized. Women are regarded the same as men and have the same benefits. It is indeed sad when a mother is killed in combat such as the Indian woman from my state of Arizona. She is regarded as a hero. I believe when a man is killed in combat he is a hero. When a woman is killed she is not a hero, but rather a victim, a victim of feminism. [more] — B.P. 

Why are you down on the Military? It is the feminist movement that has caused this and the fact that the females joined up. They were not drafted!!! Get of this band-wagon because your wheels are not holding the weight. [more]  — E.M. 

I agree with you about women on the front lines. However, it is difficult to justify the "welfare status" of so many who join the military, draw the same wages (sometimes more) as do men, supervise and control men, without also expecting them to fight like men. 
The whole situation of "equality" has led to some very convoluted concepts. Nevertheless, I agree with your article, and wonder about your question as well. — H.S.  

Bravo!!!!.......... — B.A.  

I am going to take issue with you on this matter. . . [more] — L.H. 

Great article Phyllis! If only our military and politicians had your courage to take on the feminists! — O.K. 

I hate the fact that there are women in the military PERIOD. I do blame our politicians for allowing this...however if a single mother joins some faction of the miltary she is not providing for her children. I say yes blame the politicians and themilitant feminists but the single mothers putting themselves in that position are more to blame. What happenned to accountability? Why should these single mothers get an easier ride for the same pay because they have children at home? Wrong. You join the military as a single parent you are a fool and not caring for your kids. There will be more wars to come and more mothers dying in combat. No woman should be in the military as a cook or in any other capacity. My husband is on call in the Army, we are waiting for the call at any minute for him to replace troops already there. he will leave behind a downs syndrome child who loves her daddy...why is it more acceptable for him to be a man to die and leave a child than a woman, I am not this child's mother? This is the job they take, they know the risks. . . [more] — K.C. 

I am so tired of people like you writing these articles about women in the military being in combat, or just being separated from their children. If you are a man or woman in the military you have to fill out a form that designates who is responsible for your children if your are deployed, so this woman with the 21 month old child knew this was a possibility. All of you that write these articles have to realize that being in the military is not anything like being in a civilian job, and laws that cover civilian jobs don't apply to the military, and shouldn't. When one is in the military they are serving our country and both men and women take the same oath of protecting our country. It's not the fault of anyone but the women that are in denial that think they won't be separated from their family. . . [more] — P., retired USAF 1974-1994  

I recently read the article that Phyllis Schlafly wrote concerning mothers, especially single mothers, serving in the military. I will not deny that it is a hard road that these women are choosing. The fact is, though, that when ANYONE, man or woman, volunteers for military service, there is ALWAYS the chance that something could happen. It doesn't matter if they are cooks, computer operators or infantry. They are ALL trained with weapons and in defense tactics because the job of the military is combat. Not everyone sees combat but when the call comes, the possibility exists. . . [more] — D.J., Proud wife of a US Marine  

This article completely misses the point that the Military did not create or endorse a policy that was developed by politicians in response to feminists and liberal media pressure. The generic term "Military" implies that all of us in the military are part of single being that processes one thought and makes these grand social experiment plans on our own. You should realize that these things are crammed down our throats. Does anyone think that there is capability of the Military to stand up to Congress or the President and say "No, we aren't going to execute your plan." Remeber there were several officers who's careers were terminated simply for calling a liar a liar during Clinton's rule. The Military works for the civilians, PERIOD. Put all the blame and shame where it belongs . . . — J.L. 

. . . Our military is all volunteer. Both men and women join for the benefit to them. Most for the education and training. But you can't join the MILITARY and then complain because you have to do your duty, man or woman. Women have pushed for this "equal treatment" and the men see that there is no "equal" treatment." If a women wants a family, then stay out out the military. Men have to leave their familes all the time "to do their duty" and we don't think anything of it but when a women does it she is some kind of hero. I don't want women in combat but I don't want the men treated in any less manner just because they are men. Your column is right in that the militant femenists push for things they would never do, but don't start laying the blame on "the men of this country." I'm sure if the men would have it their way, the women would not be combat. — M.N. 

I read your email, DOES THE MILITARY HAVE THE NERVE TO CELEBRATE MOTHER'S DAY", and was very moved after reading it. I was aware that we had two females captured, but was unaware that one mother with two small children lost her life. It seems that our media played down that info. [more] — F. K. G., Navy Hospital Corpsman, World War II 

The excuse of "I wouldn't have joined the Army if I'd known this was going to happen" just doesn't cut it. What did she think soldiers do--knit booties, flip hamburgers?? This equates w/"I wouldn't have slept w/him if I'd known I was going to get pregnant", (so now I deserve an abortion.) Come on, women, THINK. Get in charge of your lives. . . — J.M. 

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