February 9, 2017
  1. What is Eagle Forum?

The better question is “who” is Eagle Forum. Eagle Forum is not its board of directors.  Eagle Forum is not its bylaws. Eagle Forum is not even its founder, Phyllis Schlafly.  Eagle Forum is members and supporters; its “Eagles” as Phyllis affectionately called us. Eagle Forum is a grassroots movement; the lifeblood is its countless volunteers and supporters who, on a daily basis, embody and advocate for the mission of Eagle Forum, which Phyllis envisioned.

To answer this question, we also need to say who Eagle Forum is not. Eagle Forum is not its former directors and officers who are now attempting to use the name Phyllis Schlafly and fundraise in her name. One such organization — Phyllis Schlafly’s American Eagles (sometimes confusingly referred to as “PS Eagles,” “Phyllis’s Eagles” or “Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagles”) — was only created in May of 2016 and has no influence, infrastructure, or name recognition. [Eagle Forum and Phyllis Schlafly’s American Eagles Comparison chart]. The name “Eagle Forum” is valuable because elected officials know that countless Eagles stand behind it; Eagle Forum means business to leaders in Washington D.C. It means business in state capitols around the country thanks to individual state leaders’ hard work and faithfulness. Eagle Forum means respectability to other conservative and pro-family groups. Another rogue organization — Eagle Trust Fund — is a bank account run by Phyllis’s sons John Schlafly and Bruce Schlafly. Eagle Trust Fund is not transparent. Eagle Trust Fund has no membership, no name recognition and, most importantly, no accountability.  [Eagle Forum and Eagle Trust Fund Comparison chart].   

These former directors and officers treat Phyllis’s name like a commodity that can be slapped onto any organization they create, but they are spending a currency that they do not understand. Phyllis is not a brand name; she was a lightning rod who understood how government could positively or negatively impact the American family and the exceptional American way of life.  Her rare insight inspired countless Eagles to join together, under the banner of Eagle Forum, to protect the American family and way of life and advance conservative issues for the salvation of our republic. Eagle Forum and its national cooperative network of grassroots volunteers and advocates were her passion. And, all Eagles are her real and ongoing legacy.

  1. What Has Changed At Eagle Forum?
On September 5, 2016, Phyllis Schlafly, our founder, and leader, passed away at the age of 92. Phyllis cannot be replaced and is deeply missed by all those who loved her. But Phyllis taught us not to mope. She said repeatedly, “Eagle Forum must go on” and Phyllis gave us the tools. Eagle Forum continues to work for the causes that Phyllis held so dear in her lifetime, including respect for life at all stages, protection of religious freedoms, and the importance of the family. Eagle Forum’s renewed efforts include issue alerts, speaker series, newsletters, seminars, debates, lobbying, and any other tool to do what Eagle Forum has always done – equip the grassroots with the facts about the political issues we care about most, and strategically mobilize the grassroots to impact policy. So, even though we miss Phyllis every day, in a way, nothing has changed at Eagle Forum.  Eagle Forum will continue to champion the work Phyllis started.
  1. What About President Trump?
It is not surprising to those that knew her, that Phyllis was ahead of her time when she began to support President Trump. Phyllis had a sense about the American people — what they believed in and what they needed — which was more accurate than any polling numbers. Phyllis knew the American people felt ignored and craved real change from their leaders. For decades, often to the chagrin of Republican Party elites, Phyllis and her Eagles throughout the country championed the key issues that sparked Trump’s victory, protecting American workers by enforcing immigration laws and rejecting trade agreements that disadvantage American workers.  President Trump positioned himself as a “change” candidate with broad electoral appeal based on those issues.
As Phyllis understood very well, primaries serve many very important functions and often provide the ultimate nominee with invaluable insight into the issues and the voters. Eagles throughout the country supported different presidential primary candidates, all based on the Eagle Forum ideals. Rather than brand those with differing primary preferences as disloyal, Phyllis always encouraged debate amongst her Eagles. She was thrilled that her Eagles had supported and built relationships with different candidates in the Republican Party. Phyllis always said that she wanted as many Eagles as possible at the Republican National Convention to influence the Republican Party Platform. At Phyllis’s urging, Eagles, led by Eagle Forum Board member Colleen Holcomb, played a key role in making the 2016 Republican Platform the most conservative, pro-family Platform in Party history. Once Mr. Trump became the Republican nominee, the choice for President was clear to the Eagles. President Trump was the only option for true conservatives aligned with the principles of Eagle Forum, and Eagles throughout the country worked very hard to elect him.
President Trump’s appeal to conservatives in the primary by promising to nominate a conservative Justice and he kept that promise with the recent appointment of soon-to-be Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch has professed belief in the sanctity of human life and has a solid record as a textualist judge who will interpret the Constitution as written, not as is politically expedient. Eagle Forum is confident that President Trump will be successful in advancing other Eagle Forum causes, but he will need our help and our voice. Eagle Forum looks forward to working with the Trump administration.
  1.  Why Should I Support Eagle Forum?

Eagle Forum is an established national organization, which is accountable to its members and supporters, and has a proven track record of effectively advancing conservative causes at each and every level of government across the United States. The trust our supporters place in Eagle Forum is one of our most treasured resources; we strive, daily, to maintain the political influence and infrastructure to put your support to the best possible use. We provide reliable, timely information to our supporters so that their voices can make a difference!

President Trump has ushered in a new chapter in American politics where the power has been returned to the people, but we must use it. A groundswell of grassroots conservatives won President Trump the election; now, we need to help him lead. Conservatives should contribute time, volunteer spirit, and money to our organization with a proven track record of success. 

Eagle Forum invites you to join our extensive network of experienced, well-informed and well-respected grassroots volunteers who can reach politicians where they feel it: with their voters. Elected officials recognize the name “Eagle Forum” and the influence it has. Politicians understand that Eagles expect them to lead honestly and responsibly, and know that if they do not, Eagle Forum will hold them accountable to their voters on election day.

Because no other organization has the multi-faceted influence and infrastructure to help realize the potential for historic progress on conservative issues that the Trump presidency holds, we ask that you support Eagle Forum. You need us and we need you!

Eunie Smith, President
Anne Schlafly Cori, Chairman