Thank you and God bless your efforts and all your people working with you. K.

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year — My sincere thanks for taking over for Phyllis. E.

Thank you for all you do to spread the Truth! J.

God Bless you and all in your ministry for your good works. D.

Love your reports. B.

We love your letter and look forward to reading it. T.

Thank you for your wonderful Reports. Phyllis would be proud! P.

Thank you for all that you do. God bless you! M.B.

Thank you so very much for Eagle Forum Report! J.P.

God bless you, Anne. Your article was great! B.Z.

I love your Eagle Forum Reports! Thank you! L.G.

Anne, Great article on Socialism. Keep up the good work. H.L.

Eunie, Thanks for your vital work and perseverance! S.

Like Mrs. Lois Linton, I also was privileged to stand alongside your dear mother, to defeat the ERA here in Illinois. … I have been a proud member – an Eagle since that time and wish you many blessings, as you now take the place your mother left behind. We need you! J.

Your reports are absolutely GREAT!!! God Bless you Anne for continuing it!!!!! B.W.

Please keep up the good work! R.

Anne Schlafly Cori, Keep up the good work. Your mom would be proud. Or better stated, your mom is proud. — G.S.


Dear Eagle Forum, Thank you so much for your steady hands and heart as you face our culture of disrespect. Your Godly approaches show how much you love the Lord is His Creation. Your examples are impeccable.

Your materials over the years have been a God-send. They have helped many people like us understand the conflicts going on.

We applaud the Grace of God He has favored you with. May no weapons formed against you prosper. Our prayers and support are with you! Love in our Lord of creation, Priscilla

Eunie Smith, Anne Schlafly, I was so elated when I received your report in the Eagle Forum paper concerning the danger of Islam threat. Thank you for a superb paper you all are contributing to making America great again. — Liz

Proud of You! — Richard

God Bless, and may Phyllis in memory continue to influence righteous American citizens.

Thank you for ALL YOU DO on behalf of our Nation and our Constitution! — Charlotte

Dear Eunie, Cathie, and Team! Thank you for fighting the good fight. We desperately NEED people like you. Contribution to Eagle Forum — wish it could be more! God bless each of you! – Boss and Shirlee

I love the Eagle Forum Report, great job. – Charles

Dear Anne,

In your letter you thanked me for supporting Eagle Forum and I want to thank you for carrying on this necessary force in America. I have seen and learned from your Mom from her beginning and she was one reason Alabama has voted right. She kept our minds “up to date”.

With much appreciation — Maria

You make me proud to be American! — Joseph

I was given a copy of the Eagle Forum Report on “More Abuse in the Classroom” Feb. 2018 regarding technology in schools.
Thank you for such a timely article. Sincerely, Karen

Excellent information – Eagle Forum Report! Phyllis Schlafly is proud of your work.
— Joe


I want you to know how much I have enjoyed this issue of EAGLE FORUM. Phyllis would be so proud of you and yours for the way that you have handled her precious EAGLES; you, as she also did, go above and beyond the necessity of enlightening all of us about what is REALLY transpiring in our precious world. Do not ever change your ways and resolve to get the precise message out there for all the right reasons. Feel mighty proud of keeping Phyllis’s life, legacy, and message out there for all of us to cherish. She was one in a million and we would always go to the different Wanderer Forums and episodes in our lives that we so enjoyed way back then. She was always so approachable in every situation that we found her and her fantastic message. Feel mighty proud, Eunie; you are doing a sterling job for her and for us.

Blessings, Carole

Dear Cathie,

While remembering to pay my dues – I wanted to include a Big thank you for keeping the TRUE Legacy of Eagle Forum alive!
Please pass my sincere Thank You to Eunie Smith & Anne S. Cori as well!

What a testimony you all have for remaining TRUE, FIRM & Godly in speech and tactics! Proud to be an Eagle.
I am less active but you continue to keep this an organization that operates with integrity.

Along with our wonderful godly leader in TX – Tracey and Cindy in Dallas! I am grateful for the time you give to keeping a godly nation!

Sincerely, Patti

Thank you for the work you do in guarding our children by informing parents and others of possible harm by high-tech methods used in our classrooms and beyond.

Also, thank you for informing about concepts being taught our children in our public schools that go against parental teaching and undermine principles of freedom such as supported by our Constitution.