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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Conference of the Parties 6
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum.
The Hague, Netherlands, November 22, 2000
SOS—Save our Steak-SOS 
Work It Out! That is the theme of the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference in The Hague, Netherlands. Essentially it is a call for the United States to drop its resistance to the Kyoto Protocol, the treaty founded upon the global warming theory. Even though science about the theory is inconclusive, developing nations here are convinced that this treaty is their way out of poverty since it forces American industries and jobs to leave our shores and settle within their borders.

Global warming enthusiasts are doing their best to heat The Hague with verbal hot air, but it is just not working. The weather here is cold and rainy mixed with sleet, and there is no sign of rising sea levels even though this entire nation is below sea level to begin with. Scientific facts are frivolous to adherents of “Work It Out.”

If the UN’s global warming theory had a scientific leg to stand on, this conference would have been held in a desert-like country in order to at least try to substantiate their claims that the world will burn to a crisp unless the big bad Americans quit burning fossil fuels to drive cars and run industrial plants and, well, quit breathing out.

The Hague is anything but a desert. If you have ever heard the melodic Dutch language, you have heard the double vowels, and after spending one week in The Hague, I think I know how the language came to be. When you have been cold and wet for prolonged periods of time, you start adding “ooh” and “aah” to a lot of your words. It is hard to believe, but trust me, it happens.

Maybe the UN hopes the soggy weather will make the brains of the delegates soggy too, since there is no logical reason to attack the American lifestyle. There is no logical reason to MEASURE the amount of carbon dioxide people breathe out, or methane gas produced by farm animals and growing rice; or to LIMIT the gases which would inevitably lead to the ELIMINATION of people and farm animals; or to determine whether it would truly improve the climate if people and farm animals are ELIMINATED.

The truth is that a handful of power-hungry social and economic planners are intent on redistributing American wealth around the world using a climate stock exchange. Key planners include former Soviet Dictator Mikhail Gorbachev and his good friend Maurice Strong. While Gorbachev needs no introduction, Strong was the UN Secretary-General at the 1972 and 1992 confabs dealing with climate change, and is largely responsible for convincing people that rather than entering a new ice age, the globe is supposedly warming. Today he sits at the right hand of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in charge of “restructuring” the UN, using the global warming issue to bring nations and their economies under UN control.

The U.S. fell for the ruse when VP Al Gore flew to Kyoto, Japan in 1997 to insure the creation and America’s embrace of the Kyoto Protocol that forces 38 industrialized nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, mostly carbon dioxide that is released when fossil fuels are burned by industries and cars, and when humans breathe out, by 7% below 1990 levels by 2008-2012. Farm animals and rice fields emit methane gas, another greenhouse gas. The Protocol also calls on the 150 developing nations, including Mexico and China, to build their capacities to absorb our industries and jobs.

In The Hague, global planners are developing a rulebook and penalties for non-compliance of the Kyoto Protocol. Regardless the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections, the Clinton-Gore delegation says it must answer to only Mr. Clinton. Chances are good that by the end of this final week, while most Americans are enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers, the UN will be eating cake after completing the rulebook and penalties that proposes to reduce the number of humans who breathe out CO2, and intends to take away your methane gas-producing steak.

As a carbon dioxide-expelling, steak-eating Texan, I plan to express a lot of that greenhouse gas in order to expose the Kyoto Protocol ruse and retain my right to T-bone steak. Ooh-I mean--Oh, how I wish Americans knew about this scheme before the November 7 elections, because if they had known, the outcome of the election would not have even been close.
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