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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Conference of the Parties 6
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum.
The Hague, Netherlands, November 14, 2000 — European conferee: Too many Europeans want to live the American lifestyle; they even are clogging our highways with those awful SUVs (sport utility vehicles). They don't seem to care that they're dirtying the air. It's just awful. They're also buying bigger refrigerators because of those ads they see on TV.

American conferee: Gee, I thought it was better here. That's too bad.

European conferee: Let's take a cab to the conference center; I don't want to have to carry this bag that distance.

This is a typical conversation being repeated all over The Hague during this United Nations (UN) meeting dealing with global warming. Let me help you understand the hypocrisy of this conversation and the questionable global warming theory.

While environmental extremists grouse about those awful cars, especially SUVs, they demand them for themselves, and then expect us (a.k.a. state resources) to walk, ride bicycles or use public transportation. We are to scale back our standard of living while they reap the benefits of our labor and tax us into poverty.

There is absolutely NO discussion about the validity of the claims of environmental disaster being promoted by the UN's own political science committee known as the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Yesterday, I asked its chairman, Robert T. Watson, why he thought the Kyoto Protocol that VP Al Gore committed our nation to in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan, was so important since worldwide it would only reduce greenhouse gases (the gases emitted by burning fossil fuels that purportedly cause global warming) by 5% when he claims that it would require a reduction of 50-70% of those gases to impact real change in the climate.

With a smirk he responded that Kyoto indeed would have a "very marginal impact” on the environment, but that this "will be the first step of a very long journey” toward the needed "sharp reduction over the next 50-70 years.” He assured us that the climate is changing and that man's industrial activities are causing the changes. He claims temperatures have risen by .4 to .8 degrees centigrade in the last century, the artic ice sheet is thinning and man's activities are causing an increase of CO2 (carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas emitted when you breathe out and when fossil fuels are burned). And he predicted that the earth would warm another 1.5 to 6 degrees centigrade over the next century creating more deserts, causing forest fires, heat stress mortalities and diseases carried by mosquitoes.

The only "proof” for his claims is in computer models, while science has not concluded that the earth is warming OR than man's activities could cause it.

The Clinton-Gore appointees in The Hague, regardless, agree with Watson's claims. Highlights of a statement by American David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans, Environment and Science yesterday: "Human beings are changing the atmosphere…. The U.S. is committed to making real progress here and now and to shaping a treaty that can be ratified…. President Clinton forcibly articulated our commitment to an international agreement to address global warming…. The U.S. will work with all Parties to craft sound decisions that include: strong, market-based rules…[and] binding legal consequences for failure to meet targets.”

The two goals of this conference are to write a rulebook for implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and to establish penalties for non-compliance. The American delegation is in locked step with these goals even though they will have a tremendous negative impact on our American lifestyle. I plan to keep you informed as the outcome unfolds.


P.S. The real question for us is whether God is sovereign over ALL the affairs of men. Does He control the weather? Did He prophecy the seven lean years after the seven years of abundance as recorded in the Old Testament? Did He calm the storm on the Sea of Galilee as recorded in the New Testament? The bottom line is that He gave us dominion over the earth, not to abuse it, but to use and protect it until He returns. And His return could be at any time. Our greatest concern should be whether we and our families and friends are prepared for that great day.

Please continue to pray for God's hand to move in the vote count of the Presidential elections. The outcome could have a tremendous impact on the dramatic lifestyle changes demanded by the Kyoto Protocol. May the American people through FREE and FAIR elections have the final say on who wins elections and on global warming treaties.
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