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EXCLUSIVE!November 3, 1999
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UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  Fifth Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 5) 
America's Road to Serfdom  
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams.

BONN, GERMANY, November 3, 1999 -- America is following what Friedrich Hayek entitled his 50-year-old book, "The Road to Serfdom." In the book, Hayek explains how the German "managed economy" led to the government of Adolph Hitler and WWII. While he correctly describes the nature of society and the errors of collectivism, he wrongly thought that the League of Nations, the attempted predecessor of the UN, could be used to avoid wars. If he could have foreseen how the UN is implementing the Kyoto Protocol, he would have rewritten that chapter!

The final days at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change the Fifth Conference of the Parties (UNFCCC-COP5) meeting in Bonn, Germany are brimming with double-speak. The radical environmentalists have placed their gauntlet: adopt the implementation "rules" for the Kyoto Protocol by the 2000 COP 6 meeting and set the deadline for its entry into force at 2002. As the high level negotiations begin, however, these goals are illusive. Unbridled by national sovereignty or science, nonetheless, the U.S. has signed the treaty that will not be completed until possibly late 2000 or early 2001.

American Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs, Frank E. Loy, has arrived in Bonn "pleased and proud to be part of COP 5." He says America is "more committed than ever to deal with climate change" because of a "growing scientific consensus on the causes and consequences of climate change." Calling the Kyoto Protocol "the basic architecture of an international strategy," he added that last year's Buenos Aires plan of action "laid out a road map for turning Kyoto's broad concepts into working realities." Loy also touted President Clinton's Executive Orders and record funding levels for the cause.

Careful study of Loy's remarks unmasks unscientific folly. While there may be "scientific consensus" about global warming, there is NO scientific evidence for it. "Consensus" is based on emotions rather than facts, which is evident by the fact that "developing" countries believe that industrialized countries, primarily the U.S., are damaging their environments which will bring about imminent deaths and destruction.

Island nations, for example, are convinced that their islands will sink due to America's industrial greenhouse gases that are supposedly causing the West Antarctic ice sheet to melt. A recent study in "Science," however, reports that the melting is NOT as a result of global warming (AP/Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 8, 1999). And even if the ice sheet melted, it is doubtful that islands would sink. Regardless, repetition of environmental lies has led to the establishment of the "consensus" to act. Afraid to be labeled anti-environment, governments and industries are going along with the ruse.

The "rules" the parties are debating in Bonn are for the three "flexible mechanisms" of the Kyoto Protocol. Loy says the mechanisms are "market-oriented strategies that will reap rewards for developing countries that voluntarily reduce their emissions." In reality, they are rules that surpass the "rules" of the World Trade Organization; the Kyoto Protocol will allow UN bureaucrats to manage EVERY nation's economy.

The first mechanism is called a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). It would allow "developed" countries to use certified emissions reductions from project activities in "developing" countries to contribute to their compliance with greenhouse gas reduction targets. Using the CDM, America could build high-tech, environmentally sound power plants in Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia or one of the other 147 "developing" countries. In other words, the Kyoto Protocol would allow Americans to transfer technologies to developing countries in order to gain greenhouse gas credits and keep our "home fires" burning.

The second "flexible mechanism," called Joint Implementation (JI), would allow America to obtain credits toward our greenhouse gas reduction target (7% below 1990 levels by 2008-2012) through project-based emission reductions in other "developed" countries through "public-private partnerships," a.k.a. fascism.

The third "flexible mechanism" would allow America to pursue, through an umbrella group (a climate stock exchange), the implementation of a trading regime. The U.S. could buy emissions permits from countries that have already met their targets with room to spare.

Underscoring the fact that the Kyoto Protocol is NOT intended for "free people" or "free markets, verification, reporting and accountability "rules" must be developed for each of these mechanisms. New UN bureaucracies will attempt to verify greenhouse gas emissions, but how are they measured? Will Texas ranchers have to register their cows (methane gas producers) along with a description of their diets in order to appease the UN bureaucrats? Will trees and other "greenhouse gas" absorbers known as "sinks" have to be registered with the UN? What penalties will be foisted upon Americans and American industries if we do not comply? Who will impose the penalties?

Americans should demand immediate de-funding of the UN because it is the most abusive hot air producer on earth and because it recognizes no borders! While Under Secretary of State Loy believes that if a Republican is elected president in 2000, he will join in support of the Kyoto Protocol's finished document because the "science is getting hard," I believe weak-willed politicians who substitute sound science for "scientific consensus" do not deserve our support! And any politician who aids "the road to serfdom" should be turned out of office!