November 13, 1998
Update on Global Governance: The latest UN Conference
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Fourth Session of the Conference of the Parties

November 2-13, 1998

The head of the American delegation Stuart Eizenstat said last night that we have a "long night ahead with no assured results." That's been the continuing saga at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Despite of the snail's pace negotiations in Buenos Aires, Eizenstat smugly spoke about the progress being made back home citing the diminished business opposition to the Kyoto Protocol. He claims that now dozens of companies want to make it work mentioning utilities as an example. He said about the progress, "This is a sea change" and that an aggressive program of domestic outreach will "increase that significantly."

At the UN conference, Eizenstat said he wants the G77/China (132 developing countries) to agree to "meaningful participation." He explained that that would mean categorizing the nations by per capita wealth, then setting "abatement targets" for greenhouse gas emissions that would provide for "a growth target lower than business as usual."

Imagine the international bureaucracy necessary to assess, implement and oversee the different targets and the loss of national sovereignty because of penalties for non-compliance. Regardless, the Clinton Administration wants to impose the devilish Treaty.

The Kyoto Protocol was signed in New York yesterday in order to signal to the world that America is serious about climate change, but there is NOTHING to gain by impressing the UN. Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Jesse Helms has already taken away any wind that the signing may have put in its sails. He notified Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright that she should "recommend to the President that he quickly submit the treaty for Senate advice and consent so that the Senate may reject the treaty and scrap the Kyoto Protocol process altogether."

The President isn't letting Senator Helms' promise slow his radical environmental agenda. Senator Joseph Lieberman is in Buenos Aires to introduce a bill being proposed in the U.S. Congress (S. 2617) that intends to be an "early credit bill that will bring in small businesses." It's as if Lieberman wants to make amends to the President for publicly rebuking him on the Senate floor for his sexual perversion.

Just as Clinton lied about committing adultery, he is lying when he tells the American people that the Kyoto Treaty would be inexpensive to implement. Clinton's own Department of Energy has produced a new study that says gas prices could raise by $.66 per gallon, electricity prices by 86% and coal prices could more than double by 2010.

The Treaty would force American industries to be gutted and/or moved to one of the 132 nations that don't have to adhere to the Treaty unless they "voluntarily" establish their own greenhouse gas emission standards. Countless American jobs would be lost and our standard of living would be drastically reduced.

Americans need to ask our Congressmen to support Senator Helms' call to "reject the Treaty and scrap the Kyoto Protocol process altogether." Furthermore, Congress must reject Senator Lieberman's bill (S. 2617) because it intends to impose the Kyoto Treaty using the legislative process.

The mainstream media claims that Americans only care about "the economy stupid." If that is true, then we'd better be concerned that the European Union labels our wealth and standard of living "immoral" to the developing world.

Americans wake up! Recognize that it is NOT IMMORAL to have freedom or ingenuity or free markets. If the rest of the world wants a higher standard of living, then let them learn from our Constitution that has granted the U.S. national sovereignty and its people the freedoms necessary to EARN our standard of living. And let's not forget that we owe the UN nothing, even though regrettably it owes the U.S. its very existence. Now is the time to dismantle the UN's global government before it is used to dismantle the U.S.

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If delegates at the conference come to "consensus" on a final document, then I plan to send a final report before departing Buenos Aires on Sunday.