November 10, 1998
Update on Global Governance: The latest UN Conference
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Fourth Session of the Conference of the Parties

November 2-13, 1998

The Kyoto draft from last December's UN conference speaks to "committing the developed nations to financial aid to the others to help them inventory their emissions, utilize modern control technology, adapt to climate change, and, in general, to achieve sustainable development."

Sustainable development is repeated like a mantra at UN meetings and it prescribes how they plan to redistribute wealth. While the radical environmentalists and the G77/China group (132 developing nations) demand financial aid and the transfer of technology from the developed countries, they also contend that too many people are a stumbling block to sustainable development. Because people use the earth's resources which they believe are being depleted, environmentalists demand that man lower his standard of living and that the fewer people there are, the better it is for the earth.

Although the discussion of population control (abortion and birth control) has been kept to a whisper, it is an issue at this UN Framework Convention on Climate Change taking place in Buenos Aires.

"You're living [in] a world where fuel, food, jobs, housing and health care are at a premium…where natural resources are severely depleted and cities horribly polluted, uncomfortably crowded, and plagued by crime" writes Paul Ehrlich, honorary president of Zero Population Growth in a recent letter. "We're heading on a collision course towards a population crisis that could deepen this nightmare," he warns.

Americans are major targets because "even though Americans make up only 4.5% of world population, we consume 5 times the world's average per capita use of energy, 3 times the amount of steel, and more than 2 times the amount of grain." If we don't "take steps NOW to stabilize population growth and conserve world resources, future generations will have to wait in line for food and water. At no time have I been more concerned about the population crisis-in America and the rest of the world-then (sic) I am right now," continues Ehrlich.

The Population Action International is pushing the Ehrlich agenda in Buenos Aires. "The atmosphere is the common property of all human beings, and the impacts of human-induced climate change will ignore national borders," says Director Robert Engelman. He is pushing for the 1994 UN Cairo Population Treaty to be integrated into the Climate Change Treaty negotiations despite the fact that the "average number of children born to each woman in the world is now less than three, compared to about five in 1957.

Radical environmentalists are demanding "population control" which really means control of the population since fewer people are easier to control, "flexibility mechanisms" which are schemes intended to redistribute wealth, "technology transfers" and "financial aid" from developed to developing nations. In order to force these demands on those who enjoy a higher standard of living (Americans mostly), the environmentalists want to control the population.

Our President is a willing partner in the population control agenda as demonstrated by his two vetoes of bills that would have outlawed partial birth abortions. That is the horrible procedure whereby a "doctor" delivers a baby feet first, uses scissors to make a hole in the baby's skull, then inserts a syringe to suck out the baby's brains. Such extremists believe that people-instead of God--are the givers and takers of "life."

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Americans should tell their Congressmen to reject the radical environmentalists' agenda of financial and technological transfers and population control. And we should tell our children that they are "gifts from God" not curses to the earth.