November 3, 1998
Update on Global Governance: The latest UN Conference
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Fourth Session of the Conference of the Parties

November 2-13, 1998

I attended the "World Bank's Open House on Climate Change" today, but top Bank officials were not on hand to defend their global warming positions. They did, however, clarify their relationship with the International Monetary Fund. While they were both created at the same time and established offices adjacent to one another, their bank accounts are not commingled. The World Bank loans American taxpayers' money for projects around the globe, while the International Monetary Fund uses our money to bail out wealthy investors and failed government economies. The recent Clinton-Congress budget deal gave $18 BILLION to the International Monetary Fund, not the World Bank.

Also attending the event was Dr. Fred Singer, a preeminent authority on the global warming hoax. The UN and its World Bank do not welcome his views because his views dispel the "crisis" that is being used to force nations to globally redistribute wealth. The UN should want all sides of the issue to have a fair hearing. Furthermore, it and the participating nations should insist upon scientific evidence of global warming. Without open debate of scientific "facts," the issue becomes a matter of "faith."

Vice President Al Gore's speech in Kyoto last December reflects his disregard of scientific "facts." He said, "Nine of the ten hottest years since the measurements began have come in the last ten years. The trend is clear. The human consequences-and the economic costs-of failing to act are unthinkable. More record floods and droughts. Diseases and pests spreading to new areas. Crop failures and famines. Melting glaciers, stronger storms, and rising seas. Our fundamental challenge now is to find out whether and how we can change the behaviors that are causing the problem."

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The "facts" show that the earth has been cooling since 1979. Regardless, Gore wants Americans to lower our standard of living and allow our wealth to be redistributed around the globe. It is presumptuous and arrogant for radical environmentalists to claim that when humans and animals "breathe out" and when automobiles and industries burn fossil fuels, it will alter God's sovereign plan for the earth He created.

The conclusions of this conference will either be based on "faith" in non-science or on scientific "facts."