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United Nations Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Eagle Forum Correspondent Pat Carlson reporting from Copenhagen, Denmark.
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REPORTS 2009: Dec. 6 Dec. 14 Dec. 21
Dec. 21, 2009

After two years of negotiations and millions of dollars spent on travel and hype, the climate change talks held in Copenhagen were an utter failure for those who believe man's activities are causing global warming. But for those who at best are skeptics of the scientific basis for anthropogenic global warming or at worst believe it is an attempt to redistribute the wealth and power of the developed world to new emerging third world economies, the conference was a success. No news is good news.

President Obama arrived on the last day of the conference knowing the talks were at a stalemate, but refused to leave without claiming some kind of victory. He met with countries most of the day Friday but China refused to attend several of the meetings. As the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHG), China and the U.S. had to reach an agreement for anything else to go forward. According to the New York Times, Obama found out China was in a closed meeting with Brazil, India, and South Africa, without inviting him. So he and Secretary of State (SOS) Hillary Clinton invited themselves and burst into the meeting. Some hours later, Obama emerged from the meeting claiming "an unprecedented breakthrough" had occurred creating the "Copenhagen Accord."

The only country to compromise in the new agreement was the U.S. Just the day before, SOS Hillary Clinton said the U.S. would contribute $100 billion per year until 2020, contingent on an agreement being reached where China would allow international monitoring of its emissions. China has adamantly refused, saying it would "infringe on its sovereignty." The new agreement is said to satisfy this requirement by developing countries submitting an international report of their emission reductions and activities, but nothing is in place to confirm the claims. So nothing changed here. On the other hand, the U.S. is still committing $100 billion per year until 2020 and to an additional $30 billion "fast start" money to be paid by developed countries through 2012. This money is supposed to be paid multilaterally by developed countries, but individual countries have not made commitments. So if history repeats itself, the U.S. will pay the largest proportion.


A non-binding accord at COP15 is good news, but this issue will not go away. When the U.S. Senate ratified the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1992, it accepted the responsibility of protecting the environment by paying the developing world. The UNFCCC is based on the principle that parties should act to protect the climate system "on the basis of equality and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities." The U.S. has not ratified a treaty since that specifies how this responsibility will be met. The U.S. never should have ratified the UNFCCC.

Since the UNFCCC was created, developing countries have been given new global status and, especially after the Kyoto Protocol went into effect in 2005, they've had a taste of financial and technology flows from developed countries for doing nothing in return. They now see this global entitlement as a right and if not delivered, they want "climate justice."

The new global status of developed nations has given a voice to communist dictatorships, like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, to the smallest of countries, and to radical environmental groups who turned to the United Nations when individual governments rejected their liberal agendas. Chavez and Ahmadinejad use the global microphone to spew hatred for capitalism and especially for the United States.

The radical environmental groups like the Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, World Wildlife Federation, etc., have had 17 years to establish their groups in developing countries and through education systems have brainwashed a whole generation of young people. These young people turned out in the hundreds at COP15 and were the main cause of disruption. Their passion for global warming borders on militarism. These groups are not going away simply because one conference didn't produce the results wanted. The environmental groups and the developing countries will be back next year at the next COP in Mexico City in bigger numbers making more extreme demands.


Representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) were questioned in a press conference about any studies reflecting whether a 2-degree Celsius temperature increase would hurt human health. The response was there "was no such limit as a safe limit for health." The person was pressed further for some kind of guidelines on temperature increases. She responded "Any increase in temperature would be damaging to health." We are all in trouble since the weather is never stagnant.

Margareta Wahlstrom with the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction outlined an initiative to develop "climate-proof food" for people in disaster areas. I suppose this food will be grown somewhere other than outside in the weather.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran stated in a press conference that before his election his country was under a dictatorship. I wonder what he considers himself? Surely not a democratically elected president.


COP15 may have been a climate change conference espousing life-style changes producing smaller carbon footprints, but that seemed to apply to everyone but a few select delegates. The conference had to supply 1,200 limos, only two of which were hybrid to meet requests by delegates. The demand was so great that limos were driven in from Germany and Sweden.

There were 140 private jets flown into Copenhagen and surrounding airports for the conference. One can only imagine how large a carbon footprint that created. Riding bicycles and taking mass transit seemed to be expected of everyone else like me. I took a bus and subway ride every morning and evening to get to the conference.

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