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United Nations Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Eagle Forum Correspondent Pat Carlson reporting from Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Dec. 14, 2009
The climate change conference being held from December 7-18, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark has very little to do with climate change and everything to do with the dismantling of America. There are three groups represented at the conference of the parties (COP15) — the rich countries, the poor countries and the most radical environmental groups. This is the largest United Nations conference ever conducted with 45,000 participants held in a facility built to accommodate 15,000. Negotiations are deadlocked as they have been all year. The poor want the rich to forfeit their money and technology as payment for climate debt and the rich want the poor to make emission reduction commitments while the radical environmentalists cheer for the poor. Although there are 190 countries represented, only two countries need to reach agreement and they are the U.S. and China. The other countries will follow suit.

The U.S. delegation or "special envoy on climate change" has drawn several lines in the sand. Todd Stern, the head of the U.S. delegation, said the U.S. will not "do a deal" unless the developing countries commit to binding greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, the U.S. will commit to emission reductions of 17% below 2005 levels by 2020 and 83% by 2050, and the U.S. recognizes its "historical responsibility" and will pay its "fair share" of funding for developing nations. China has stated that in no uncertain terms will it commit to binding reductions nor will it allow international monitoring of its GHG emissions.


America has been the largest emitter of GHGs with 25% of all emissions worldwide, although last year China became the largest emitter. Every weather anomaly and human tragedy is blamed on the U.S. as the outcome of 200 years of industrialization. This includes hurricanes, floods, sea level rises, extreme cold or extreme hot, drought, famine, etc. There is a new term called the "environmentally induced migrant." This is a person who has had to leave home because of some unfortunate circumstance related to weather. What is never mentioned in the discussion is responsibility of individual governments for their citizens or that corrupt governments most often cause or exacerbate the tragedy. This so-called historical responsibility has also been referred to as a debt or as reparations.

The truth is the U.S. delegation should be extolling the virtues of America as the country most responsible for the major advances in technology and innovation last century. All attendees to COP15 are housed in a building that has electricity providing lighting and air conditioning. Major advances in electricity came from American inventors creating the light bulb, telephone, and phonograph. Additionally, almost every attendee arrived in Copenhagen by air. It was American inventors who invented the airplane. Almost all attendees are carrying a cell phone and computer. Again, these are American. Americans also invented the sewing machine, telegraph key, and the artificial heart. The world owes American a debt of gratitude for improving the lives of all humanity.


Maybe the reason Rajendra K. Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC, stands behind the "robust science" of his group, is the money he stands to make off carbon credits. Pachauri is affiliated with Tata Steel of India. Tata Steel purchased Corus the largest steelmaker in Britain in February 2007. After the loss of several contracts, Tata Steel has decided to close down Corus in January 2010 with the loss of 1,700 jobs. It was determined it was much more profitable to close the plant than to keep it open. Corus has accumulated 7.5 million European Union surplus carbon allowances (EUAs) — carbon credits given to the company by the EU. Britain is part of the European cap-and-trade system named the European Trade System. By selling the EUAs at 13 British Pounds (GBP) per unit with the price expected to rise to 30 GBP by 2012; by not producing steel creating an additional 6 million tons of carbon saved; and by moving the operation overseas to India, Tata Steel stands to make 1.2 billion GBP over the next three years. It's all about money and greed.

The same thing can happen in the U.S. if a carbon market is created or 'cap and trade' is passed.


The Obama administration has gone all out to prove to the world Obama has changed America into a world leader on climate change. Two large rooms called the "U.S. Center '09" are dedicated to back-to-back events everyday of the conference. The 0 in the '09 resembles Obama's campaign icon O. The O is filled in with something resembling the American flag but it is definitely not O' Glory.

Cabinet members such as EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar have been brought in to make presentations. When Lisa Jackson made the announcement that the EPA would start regulating CO2 as a pollutant, she received a standing ovation from her liberal audience. Ken Salazar announced among other things that 1,000 square miles of public land in 24 areas has been set aside for solar panels.

Obama is still campaigning but now it is for world leader.


When Obama arrives in Copenhagen on Thursday he will try to convince the world that even though the climate change bill is dead in the Senate, he can still deliver on GHG emission reductions by EPA regulations. He will also hold up the bill just introduced by Senators Kerry, Lieberman, and Graham as proof something may still be passed in the Senate. Senator Lindsey Graham needs to change parties. He agrees with the Democrats more often than with the Republicans.

According to George Will in a recent Washington Post article, If Obama is successful in forcing an 83% GHG reduction by 2050, this would be equivalent to the emissions of 1910 when there were only 92 million Americans. There will be 420 million Americans in 2050.

A radical group referred to in the paper as an "alternative community" buried a picture of the Statute of Liberty with "oil must remain in its resting place within planet Earth . . . Rest in Peace" written on it. The alternative community said this was representative of consumerism and the American Dream. "The American Dream does not understand the limitations of our planet. In order to move ahead we must realize this, and pursue a different kind of lifestyle."

The world hates America because of jealousy and because Americans are a good and generous people.

A delegate from South Korea said in a press conference, "We are interested in improving the quality of life and the happiness of the people." Why isn't Obama saying this? Instead he says, "For the sake of our security, our economy and our planet, we must have the courage and commitment to change." Change our standard of living while China and India are free to reach for their version of the American Dream?

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