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REPORTS 2004:  Dec. 6    Dec. 11    Dec. 12    Dec. 15
Final Report From The UN Meeting In Buenos Aires
Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams
reporting from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dec. 15, 2004
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a radical green United Nations non-governmental organization (NGO), threw down the gauntlet to the United States in a position paper before the UNFCCC-COP 10 (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change-Conference of the Parties #10) meeting held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 6-17. According to the WWF, the U.S. and Australia "should not be allowed to dominate any discussions about global trading regime for greenhouse gases," and "should be treated as outsiders to the multi-lateral process-isolated."

That hostile rhetoric toward industrialized nations, particularly toward Americans, is common at every UN meeting I have attended since 1995 and has become even more evident since the creation of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. That treaty purports to save the earth from global warming, but in reality is a scheme to redistribute wealth from 30 industrialized countries to more than 150 developing countries.

The UN meeting has concluded and the WWF did not succeed in isolating the U.S. Delegation. Instead the U.S. retained its full right to negotiate as members of the UNFCCC, even though it is not a party to the Kyoto Protocol. Throughout the conference, the U.S. delegation was undeterred from their mission, which was to hold firm to President Bush's resolve that the treaty is a political agreement, rather than a treaty based on sound science.

The U.S. has done nothing to deserve the rhetoric. In fact, Americans are investing more resources in the development of energy efficient technologies than the rest of the world combined, and we are mitigating greenhouse gases that MAY cause global warming by 18% by 2012-all without harming our economy.

Paula Dobriansky, head of the American delegation in Buenos Aires, did not return the unrelenting negative salvos. Instead, she called for "prosperity for all" and laid out a number of U.S. foreign policies that make it clear that the U.S. is already doing much of what the UN claims only the Kyoto Protocol can do.

Yet leftist members of the U.S. Congress continue to side with the radical elements within the UN system. Following the "oil-for-food" debacle in Iraq, every American, and certainly members of the U.S. Congress, should be convinced that Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the UN are irreversibly corrupt. That appears to make no difference to Democrat Congressmen Henry Waxman, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Jesse Jackson, Jr., former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich and twenty-one others who signed a letter addressed to President Bush calling for binding emissions limits and immediate mandatory reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, which are emitted when fossil fuels are burned.

Ohio Congressman Kucinich was in Buenos Aires to represent their extremist views. During a press conference, he said that in the "interconnected and interdependent" world, the U.S. has a responsibility to lead the way for the "global village." Claiming that the U.S. has lost its way in some matters, he warned, "This issue will challenge the legitimacy of the nation state." When asked whether he was concerned that U.S. membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) might negatively impact U.S. trade if indeed the WTO becomes the arbiter of the Kyoto Protocol, he responded that he lobbied the WTO in Seattle to do just that. Regretfully, Kucinich seems to have no understanding of the U.S. Constitution or concern for national sovereignty.

On hand to support American views and thinking were Republican Senators Larry Craig and Craig Thomas, and Congressman Joe Barton. In a press statement, Texas Congressman Barton said, "We must not sacrifice individual liberty and economic opportunity through failed command and control policies imposed by the convention [UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol]." Congressman Barton is correct, but $7 billion a year from U.S. taxpayers to the UN legitimizes and advances its radical global warming agenda, which is to establish "global governance" to redistribute wealth around the globe.

The UN's push for global government is spelled out in publications at every UN meeting. According to Miguel Grinberg in El Diario, the Buenos Aires convention's main newspaper, "Humankind is between the apocalypse and recreation" and the key to the future of human civilization on Earth is the need to turn the United Nations into a forum for invention and cooperative development." And if UN member states do not go peaceably into the global government morass, the NGOs will expand their crusade against the industrialized world to the courts.

There are now ten climate change lawsuits around the world filed in seven countries. One case against the U.S. EPA aims to force regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. The NGOs are elated by the "increasing range of legal theories" that have been used by 14 U.S. states, five U.S. cities, American Samoa and 29 NGOs because they claim that "legal relevance of climate change has now been accepted by U.S. and Australian judges where decisions leading to more coal mining and electricity transmission were found to be illegal."

A California appeals judge has already decided that the "global environmental impact is threatened by a federal statutory wrong." Furthermore, the first civil law action was brought in July by eight U.S. states, New York City and NGOs against the five main U.S. power companies, arguing for a court order to compel them to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide, one of the six gases the UN claims causes global warming.

The U.S. delegation in Buenos Aires upheld their commitment to a clean environment and good government. Americans must stand with them to support individual freedoms that are based upon sound science and a free market economy. Furthermore, we must stand against supremacist judges who create law rather than interpret it and who use non-ratified global treaties to decide our futures.

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