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Manipulation of the Masses
Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams
reporting from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dec. 11, 2004
Public transportation has traditionally been a matter for government at federal, state and local levels, but the global economy created by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has made it an international issue for all Americans and especially for those living in border states.

Major cities in Texas, for example, are building taxpayer-financed mass transit bus and rail systems, regardless the widespread opposition of the people. Supporters of the boondoggles have even hired professional ad agencies in order to pass propositions that create huge bureaucracies to run the money-losing systems. The 2003 Texas Legislature passed a massive transportation bill that has since been condemned by the 2004 Texas Republican Platform partly because of its major abuses of individual property rights. (It is also noteworthy that the 2000 Republican National Platform called for a nationwide rail system.) Regardless the controversy between taxpayers and mass transit supporters, the push for mass transit thunders on.

A "side event" at the ongoing United Nations (UN) meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, may give another reason why public transportation and especially railways have become hot topics in spite of the opposition.

Devoid of concern for national sovereignty, the International Union of Railways (IUC) [sic] is in Buenos Aires to advocate "a switch from private to public transport" as a means of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions claiming it causes global warming, a theory that man's activities, especially burning fossil fuels, causes catastrophic weather changes. Never mind that it is impossible to forecast next week's weather, the UN arrogantly believes it cannot only predict the weather into the next century, but that it can also control weather changes by limiting GHG emissions!

The IUC claims that rail transport has a lower average external cost than its competitors for passengers and freight, and stresses the need to facilitate the shift toward rail through substantial investment in rail infrastructure and political leadership to catalyze a shift toward rail. Jealous of Americans' freedoms and standard of living, the Union of European Railway Industries insists, "The railway should be the backbone of public transport."

Although the science is inconclusive about global warming, American policies concerning GHG emissions go beyond public transportation. According to Dr. Harlan L. Watson, Senior Climate Negotiator and Special Representative and Alternate Head of the US Delegation at this UN conference, President Bush has set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas intensity by 18% over the next 10 years, which is equivalent to taking 70 million cars off the road. And the US is funding climate change science with $2 billion annually and a total expenditure of more than $23 billion since 1990.Americans are also spending nearly $3 billion this year to accelerate the development of key technologies, such as renewables, energy efficiency, advanced fossil and nuclear, hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage, that have the potential to achieve substantial GHG emissions reductions.

Even so, the US earned the first "fossil of the day" award at this conference, an award that highlights the hostility of the radical greens and the Third World nations against us. They claim that the American delegation wants to block all possible recognition of problems associated with climate change for attempting to replace the words "climate change" with "climate vulnerability."

Americans are doing more and spending more than any other country to study and reduce GHG intensity, Regardless, neither the radical greens, the international elite nor the Third World will be appeased because their aim is to cripple our economy by moving our GHG-producing industries around the globe, thus redistributing our wealth. Instead, they should be modeling our freedoms and opportunities granted by the US Constitution and stop their demands that we follow their models for manipulation of the masses.

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