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COPs and Robbers Tango in Argentina
Tenth Session of the Conference of Parties (COP 10) 
Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams reporting from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dec. 6, 2004
The United Nations’ (UN) annual climate change convention conference is meeting from 6-17 December in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this city famous for its tango dance, it is fitting that nations tango over the scientifically unresolved theory called global warming. Mostly Third World diplomats, led by the infamous "oil-for-food" bureaucrat Secretary-General Kofi Annan, are here to create a methodology to rob industrialized nations. The UN aim is clear: UNLESS the developed countries fill the coffers of corrupt Third World governments, the sky will surely fall.

The official name of this conference is the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change-Conference of the Parties #10 (UNFCCC-COP 10). Since 1997, I have watched the UN maneuver like "Keystone Cops" to conjure up a man-caused global warming theory and then convince the citizens of the world that the sky will fall UNLESS we obey their demands to redistribute wealth via implementation of the Kyoto Protocol.

Of the 191 member nations that promise to be "peace-loving states," including the Islamic Republic of Iran and Communist Cuba, 128 are Parties to the Kyoto Protocol. The U.S. and Australia are the largest industrialized holdouts of the treaty. Nonetheless, the UN has decided that it will become legally binding on 15 February 2005, since our "ally" Russia ratified it, thus meeting the UN criteria that it would go into effect once 55% of the world’s producers of the non-polluting carbon dioxide (CO2) and five other greenhouse gases, ratified the protocol/treaty.

Next February 30 industrialized nations will be legally bound to the Protocol to be enforced by the World Trade Organization (WTO). Discussions during this two-week meeting will focus on an international carbon-trading market, Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs) and Adaptation Fund. This UN-speak requires some explanation.

First, the WTO is a huge international bureaucracy based in Geneva, which was created by a 14-page document sneakily added to the 22,000-page General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT), just before former President Clinton signed it, to set, administer and enforce global rules for world trade.. It has a legislative body (in which 110 nations each have one vote), a multi-national bureaucracy, and a supreme court to decide trade disputes (whose rulings cannot be vetoed by any nation).

Second, the international carbon trading market is an emissions trading regime that would allow industrialized countries to buy and sell emissions credits amongst themselves. The Protocol calls for a 5% reduction of the non-polluting CO2 gas (and five other greenhouse gases) below 1990 levels by 2008-2012. Former President Clinton and VP Gore committed the US to a 7% reduction below 1990 levels in 1997 when the treaty was created. The good news is that it has not even been referred to the US Senate for ratification. This "smoke and mirrors" deal would allow a nation that reduces its emissions to sell their credit to another nation even though the purchaser would not have reduced its greenhouse gases.

Third, the CDMs are to encourage investments in developing-country projects that limit emissions. In other words, an industry in one of the 30 industrialized nations would be better off moving their industry to one of the non-industrialized nations that is not bound by the treaty. In return, the company earns "certified emission reductions" thus enabling their country to meet their Kyoto commitments. This ruse redistributes wealth around the globe.

The first CDM has been registered with the UN, which is to reduce methane (one of the six greenhouse gases targeted by the Protocol) from a landfill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, an industrialized nation not bound by the treaty. The project involves S.A. Paulista, EcoSecurities and the World Bank Netherlands Clean Development Facility and was validated by "DNV Certification UK."

Lastly, the Adaptation Fund was established in 2001 to assist developing countries to cope with the negative effects of climate change. It is another fund amassed by the UN’s developed nations for redistribution to non-developed nations. Americans should note that while the U.S. pays 22% of the UN budget, that is only about half of our cost. This year alone U.S. taxpayers will pay about $7 billion to the UN, chronicles Jed Babbin in his new book, Inside the Asylum: Why the UN and Old Europe are Worse Than You Think.

Even though the U.S. is not a party to the Kyoto Protocol, we are members of the WTO, which is its implementation arm. Since they have a history of imposing "sanctions" on the U.S. for not kowtowing to their demands, it remains to be seen whether they will use this legally binding treaty to impose new sanctions, regardless of our non-ratification.

Stay tuned for more from the scene of the Keystone COPs and robbers in Argentina.

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