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Unwelcome At Tim & Ted's Party
World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)
Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams reporting from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Sept. 1, 2002
While grazing for news releases at the ongoing Earth Summit II in Johannesburg, South Africa, a young woman offered media representatives a free dinner with Timothy Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation (www.unfoundation.org), an organization founded by CNN guru Ted Turner.

Since I have press credentials from USA Radio, the offer was too good to pass up. But the gathering at Liliesleaf Guesthouse (the hideout for ANC activist and former South African President Nelson Mandela) was an intimate gathering, which made it impossible to be inconspicuous. After repeatedly being asked to further identify ourselves, my co-workers and I realized we were not welcome and graciously departed. Immediately after our exit, the door was closed and the meeting began.

Nonetheless, conversations with other attendees during our short stay and the pricey packet distributed at the event entitled, "Promoting Reproductive Health, Saving Women's Lives," provided plenty of information. The event was co-sponsored by the UN Population Fund (www.UNFPA.org), the largest abortion provider in the world and a recipient of funding from Turner's foundation.

In order to understand the importance of this meeting, one must understand that UN meetings build one upon another and that their future plans are well laid out. This current meeting in South Africa, for example, builds upon the 1992 Earth Summit. The UNFPA claims that "new dialogue at Rio [the Earth Summit I] helped produce an historic agreement in 1994 at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo, Egypt." During the 2000 Millennium Summit in New York City, the UNFPA writes, "The world community reaffirmed the ICPD aims."

The ICPD aims call for more "funding for new infrastructure and upgrading of [abortion] facilities," while claiming to provide "management of complications arising from abortion, and post-abortion counseling." According to the ICPD, funding for reproductive health, which includes abortion, is to grow to $21.7 billion by 2015 in order to provide "universal access to comprehensive reproductive health services for all by 2015." While the funding is today about $10.5 billion, the UNFPA complains that it is far below the supposed commitments made at the 1994 conference. Even worse in their view is that the developed nations, particularly the United States, are only contributing 40% of their agreed-upon share while the developing world is contributing 75%.

Abortion discussion is key to "sustainable development" at this Earth Summit II. And here is how they make the connection: "With 20% of the global population, developed nations account for 85% of private consumption. In contrast, the world's poorest 20% account for only 1.3% of private consumption." In other words, "a child born in the developed world has an ecological impact equivalent to more than 30 children born in the least-developed countries."

To remedy this supposed injustice, Ted Turner created his $1 billion UN Foundation in 1997 and hired former U.S. Congressman Timothy Wirth to put a team together to benefit UN causes, narrowing in on overpopulation and the environment. Turner's solution to overpopulation is limiting families to one child, and consequently, the Foundation stalks the earth seeking to destroy innocent life through "reproductive services and education" (i.e., abortion) in spite of the fact that the earth's carrying capacity will not be overburdened because the Creator of Life is in absolute control. (Turner also has called Christianity a religion for "losers" and "not environmentally-friendly.")

This UN meeting is part of the global body's aim to promote the indiscriminate killing of the unborn through abortion, as well as the continual chipping away of U.S. sovereignty.

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