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Global Watermelon Patch
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum.
The U.S. delegation is attending the UN meeting in Bonn, Germany even though they continue to oppose the Kyoto Protocol that deals with the "global warming" theory. The U.S. position, however, had little impact on the 37 other developed nations that agreed to the new rules during this week's talks.

Conference President Pronk and Executive Secretary Cutajar diligently pursued "consensus." They trolled like master fishermen until both "rich" and "poor" nations took the dangled bait. The "bait" for the 150 "poor" nations is that there is a "global warming" crisis, and that it is caused by the 38 "rich" nations when their industries burn fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases. The UN has convinced them that the "rich" are causing "climate changes" making the "poor" nations even poorer. The UN remedy is to transfer money and technologies from "rich" to "poor" nations.

The "bait" for the "rich" nations is a commitment to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions according to UN rules. In Morocco this October, the UN plans to pursue penalties for noncompliance of the Kyoto treaty.

In order to spear the "rich" nations, the UN created a bureaucracy called the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that was to prove the "global warming" theory as fact. Funded by the World Bank, they worked closely with the well-funded radical environmental groups to play a statistical shell game that is not scientifically valid. (UN Report Blasted by One of Its Own Authors, by Paul Georgia, pgeorgia@cei.org)

In a pincer action, the IPCC worked at the top while the radical environmentalist Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund worked through "civil society." The NGOs blackmailed industries (Global Greens by James Sheehan, www.cei.org) and influenced education bureaucracies to deceptively persuade children with scary scenarios. With the media as a willing accomplice, many have been convinced that burning fossil fuels is causing the globe to warm.

The ruse has worked well. Executive Secretary Cutajar told Bonn reporters that this conference is not only about the protocol, but also about providing help for the developing countries that are not bound by the protocol's emission rules. After "consensus" was reached, Canada pledged $30 million a year, the European Union pledged $410 million a year and Japan committed billions to a Global Environment Facility that will be redistributed to "poor" nations so that they can deal with "global warming."

This redistribution of wealth is a (red) communist tenet wrapped in a green package; some call it the watermelon effect. While the world believes that communism died when the Berlin wall fell, its adherents have simply moved to the environmental realm. Its warriors do not brandish traditional weapons, and battlefronts are not even outdoors; instead, slippery-tongued bureaucrats meet in carpeted meeting halls in order to lure nations to surrender their national sovereignties under the guise of protecting the environment that affects everyone, everywhere and always. The war's objective is to reshape the world for international environmental governance.

The man who started it all, Maurice Strong, told reporters in Bonn that he is worried "about global warming," but the question remains whether he will be allowed to create acid indigestion for the rest of the world. Strong was the acting head of the UN's first foray into the climate change issue in 1972 and again in 1992 which led to the meeting in Kyoto, Japan in 1997 when the "global warming" treaty. In charge of "reforming" the UN, today Strong is in the eye of the "global warming" storm developing international environmental governance.

*Tomorrow we will discuss who, when and where UN member nations will be asked to sign onto Maurice Strong's Earth Charter that would create international environmental governance.

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