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Soaring Eagles Meet "Chicken Little" in Bonn, Germany
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum.
Eagle Forum Collegian leader Kristina Twitty works every day with college students from across America, but this is the first time she has traveled to a United Nations conference with 35 students. Along with Eagles Elizabeth Price and Adam Butman, Kristina is a strategic leader helping students learn to intellectually respond to the "global warming" indoctrination in which the "theory" is presented as "fact." "Global warming" is the key to the Kyoto Protocol (treaty) being discussed at this conference.

Assigned to red, white and blue teams, the student working trip began in Washington, D.C. with two intensive days of learning climate change science. Scientists in London, England and Brussels, Belgium also briefed them before they arrived in Bonn.

The students came to show enthusiastic support for President Bush's position on the "global warming" theory; and when they return home, they want to help other Americans sort out fact and theory in hopes of halting the indoctrination on school campuses. Let me tell you some of the students' classroom stories.

Texas A&M students Jack Long and Tyler Dunman said they were taught about "global warming" in Texas public schools as well as by a geology professor at Texas A&M. While common sense told them that their teachers were presenting scientific theory as scientific fact, it was not until this trip that they learned how to effectively respond. Before this time, they did what they had to do to pass their classes: regurgitate theory as fact. But when they saw President Bush ridiculed for stating that the Kyoto Protocol was fatally flawed, they decided to take action by paying their own travel expenses to Germany.

They said they learned that in order to meet the commitment made by the Clinton/Gore administration in Kyoto, Japan in 1997, which is to reduce America's greenhouse gas emissions by 7% below 1990 levels by 2010, it would require that the U.S. cut oil consumption twice the amount of the oil shortage of the 1970s. Put another way, it would require that America cut its transportation or industrial sector altogether, an obvious attempt to tie the U.S. economy down on the tracks of an oncoming train.

University of Minnesota student Tyler Richter's calculus curriculum was rife with environmental extremism stating that, "It's no accident that America's black and Latino communities are surrounded by toxic waste sites." He was taught that global recycling meant that Starbuck's paper coffee cup insulators were not environmentally friendly, and his freshman English composition class required that he consider the theme of environmental English.

University of Florida student Reagan Daniel said her school requires an environmental colloquium coarse aimed at involving all students in ecological literacy and "global warming." She added that a goal of the university is to integrate environmental colloquium into all courses.

Dave Kralik and David Robinson chimed in about the indoctrination on their respective campuses adding that most students are unquestioningly accepting the theory as fact. It seems that "global warming" enthusiasts are willing to use any means to scare people into believing that they must drastically scale back their standard of living. And you probably thought that Chicken Little's mantra that "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" was only a children's story. On school campuses and at the UN however, it is fact.

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