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United Nations Flexes Its Tentacles
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum.
Bonn, Germany — The weather was supposed to be sunny when I arrived in Bonn, Germany for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Sixth Conference of the Parties, Part II, but instead it was raining. Forecasts for the next day called for rain, but it was dry. It seems that the UNís premise that "science" can accurately predict the weather and control climate change is completely false. If indeed the UN claims such "science" exists, then in keeping with the UNís Kyoto Protocol, member nations should make the UN pay citizens of the world for wrong weather forecasts.

The 1997 Kyoto Protocol being discussed in Bonn is built upon this false premise that the weather is predictable and the climate can be changed. The treaty places blame on the United States and 37 other developed nations for causing climate change and demands that we pay Third World nations for damages.

The truth is that the weather is unpredictable and man cannot control the climate. The UN points to greenhouse gases as causing climate change, but the same gases have been elevated by multiples during the earthís history and no one was to blame. Why then is the UN making such a claim and setting up a treaty that would force "rich" nations to pay "poor" nations? I believe the answer is that "global warming" is a hoax being used to get UN tentacles deeper into every Americanís wallet.

The UN created the "global warming" mantra in the 1990s when scientists just a few years earlier were convinced that the earth was cooling and that there was no stopping it. I have observed the UN development of the Kyoto Protocol that has surely transformed climate change science into political science having nothing to do with the weather or the climate, but everything to do with redistributing American money around the globe.

In 1997, I watched 40,000 politicians and their bureaucratic appointees in Kyoto, Japan discuss the changing weather and create a treaty that was to deal with "global warming." Americaís point of view was stated in a U.S. Senate resolution unanimously passed before the Kyoto process began. The Senate said it would not ratify any treaty that would negatively impact Americaís economy or would exempt some nations. Nonetheless, then Vice President Al Gore flew to Kyoto to direct the American negotiators to "be flexible" which meant to tell the world that the U.S. would commit to the UN to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (mostly carbon dioxide, 97% of which is water vapor) by 7% below 1990 levels by 2008-2012. In violation of the Senate resolution, 150 UN member nations were exempted and its implementation would devastate Americaís economy. Even so, scientists report that the Kyoto treatyís impact on the climate would be negligible.

In 1998, the UNís "global warming" mantra continued in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The thrust of that two-week conference was to teach the Third World how the Kyoto Protocol could benefit them at the expense of the Americans. While I have seen communist dictator Fidel Castro repeatedly treated as a hero at UN meetings, it was scary to witness the anti-American sentiment fomented by the UN, regardless the fact that we pay nearly a quarter of its bloated budget. American taxpayers are breathing life into the UN that embraces the communist ideology of wealth redistribution.

The 1999 mega summit in Bonn, Germany proposed the infrastructure for a "climate stock exchange." I saw Third World politicians, now totally convinced that the U.S. owed them, become excited at the thought of using the bogus "global warming crisis" to rob every American. They were convinced that their nations were poor because the "rich" nations had stolen their wealth, and that this treaty would cure their poverty. The industrialized nations would be forced to either "buy" the right to produce energy from the "poor" nations or to "pay" for energy producing infrastructure within the "poor" nations. It would naturally entice industries from the 38 "rich" nations to move to the "poor" nations exempted from the Kyoto treatyís oppressive energy restrictions.

As Americans waited for the 2000 presidential election results, the UN met in The Hague, Netherlands to develop the economic equalization structure for the Kyoto Protocol. The Clinton appointees could not reach accord with the globocrats because it would certainly doom Americaís economy. They desperately tried to create a greenhouse gas trading system that would take into account the oxygen producing forests and agricultural riches that America enjoys, but the European Union nixed the offer. That is why the UN has called this special "Part II" meeting in Bonn.

Failure to reach consensus by the Clinton appointees in The Hague was handwriting on the wall to the new President Bush. When he spoke frankly about the unworkable treaty, he shook the hope of ill-gotten gain clung to by the "global warming" enthusiasts. The media has portrayed his remarks as anti-environmental even though this treaty has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the economies of the world. The fact that Americaís air and water are cleaner than in most other parts of the world is routinely disregarded.

The "poor" nations met over the weekend before the opening plenary because they are not about to give up their "global warming" scheme without a fight, which is probably why UN security is tighter than it was during the 1999 conference in Bonn. As the UN sets out to salvage this illegitimate scheme, the global octopus is certain to have as many ideas as it has tentacles. Iíll be watching, and plan to let you know what I learn during the next two weeks.

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