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March 10, 2009 By Pat Carlson
We have been told repeatedly by Al Gore and the mainstream media, the vast majority of scientists agree the 'debate is over' and 'the science is settled' proving humans are causing global warming, but 680 of the world's leading scientists, economists, and policy analysts met March 8-10, 2009 in New York City for the second Heartland International Conference to discuss "Global Warming: Was It Ever Really A Crisis?" These authorities say the majority of scientists worldwide do not agree with human induced or in scientific lingo, anthropogenic global warming or even that the earth is still warming, so it follows there is disagreement with the science.

It has become obvious to the ever growing numbers of scientists coming forward to question the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, it is no longer about the science but it is all about the politics and the money. Many of these men and women by questioning the science of the IPCC report have put their careers or their funding for research or their standing in the scientific community in jeopardy.

The most interesting of the speakers was the President of the Czech Republic and rotating President of the European Union, Vaclav Klaus. He has written a book titled Blue Planet in Green Shackles — What is Endangered: Climate or Freedom? What is happening with global warming reminds him of the communist era and how frustrated people felt. "Whatever you said, any convincing and well prepared arguments you used, any relevant data you assembled, no reaction. It all fell into emptiness....they [the communist] did not listen....They did not argue back...They considered....you uninformed....a complainer, someone not able to accept their only truth."

President Klaus has taken a bold position against global warming in international circles. He recently attended the World Economic Forum in Davos spending six hours in closed session with heads of state and officials from the IPCC. He was the only opponent of climate change in the room. These officials were trying to decided what would be a good target for global emissions cuts — 20, 30, 50 or 80%. President Klaus said, "It was difficult to say anything meaningful and constructive" but he finally turned their attention to the fact they were making "such radical proposals even though their own countries had not fulfilled even the relatively modest Kyoto Protocol obligations." There was no reaction. The former eastern block communist countries are the only force standing against the EU on this issue. They are still trying to rebuild their economies after 40 years of communist rule.


Other speakers were Senator and former astronaut Harrison Schmitt and John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, who calls this "the greatest scam in history." We heard from retired Senior NASA Atmospheric Scientist John Theon. Dr. Theon was formerly the supervisor of Dr. James Hansen a radical global warming activist. Hansen recently stated that climate change skeptics are guilty of "high crimes against humanity and nature." Dr. Theon said Hansen is an embarrassment to NASA and he should be fired.

There were many more speakers almost all with PhD.'s in their specific field. The science was discussed sometimes in such detail that only other scientific minds could comprehend the significance. This is important because in comparison, at United Nation's Conferences science is never discussed or debated - it has been accepted without question.


I introduced myself to the man sitting next to me at a meal during the conference. His name was Dr. Mitchell Taylor and he was a Polar Bear Biologist with a PhD. He lives in one of the northern regions of Canada. I realized as I was speaking to him his name was very familiar. I had used quotes from him when writing about the polar bear being declared an Endangered Species. I asked him how the polar bears were doing and if they were indeed endangered (although I knew the answer). He said the polar bear is definitely not in danger of extinction. The numbers hold steady at about 24,000. He said where he lives it's not unusual to see one crossing the road at night. I can't wait to meet someone from the Sierra Club. I will ask that person who uses pictures of mother and baby polar bears stranded on the last piece of a melted iceberg to raise money, have you ever talked to a polar bear biologist? My answer will be, I have.


This conference was so different from the UN conferences I have attended. There was discussion and debate trying to seek the truth with concern for the future of humanity, not facilitated consensus building with a predetermined outcome based on 'their only truth' with concern for the future of the planet at the expense of humanity.

Lord Christopher Monckton who was a former policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher said, "This conference is not about climate change. It is about freedom."

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