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Channel One

Channel One Takes Hit in Alabama
   March 2005 Education Reporter

Channel One 2004 — Exploiting Children and Perverting Education
   May 2004 Education Reporter

Campaign To Tune Out Channel One
   7/18/01 Phyllis Schlafly Column

Group Launches New Campaign to Turn Off Channel One
   July 2001 Education Reporter

Commercialism Is Rampant In The Schools
   11/15/00 Phyllis Schlafly Column

ZapMe! Zapped!
Company Sells Stock, Changes Course

   Nov. 2000 Education Reporter

Teen's Website Takes on Channel One
   Nov. 2000 Education Reporter

Study Says Commercialism Rampant in Public Schools
   Nov. 2000 Education Reporter

Junk Food Ads Subvert School Lunch Act
   Sept. 2000 Education Reporter

Bucking Channel One
Local school board 'just says no'
   Sept. 2000 Education Reporter

Are Schoolchildren For Sale to Advertisers?
   4/19/00 Phyllis Schlafly Column

Schools Zapped by Advertising
ZapMe! Corp. brings commercials into the classroom via computer
   Feb. 2000 Education Reporter

Marketing to Students
Corporations launch assault on schools
   Jan. 2000 Education Reporter

Channel One Comes Under Fire
   June 2, 1999 Phyllis Schlafly Column

Phyllis Schlafly Testifies About "Channel One"
   by Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum 5-20-99

Channel One Still Plays to Captive Audiences
But some schools are stopping the music
   Dec. 98 Education Reporter

Study Finds Channel One Costly
    June 98 Education Reporter

K-III Buys a Captive Audience
    June 97 Phyllis Schlafly Report

Channel One Emphasizes Ads Over Knowledge
    March 97 Education Reporter

Study: Some Preschoolers Can Use Ritalin, 10-20-06

Advertising Our Children to Death, 9-28-06

Obligation, Inc.
Reminding Businesses and Governments of Their Responsibility to Children 

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