URGENT: Need Calls to Stop Barron!

May 21, 2014 Update: Cloture was invoked on the judicial nomination of David Barron today, but the vote was tight – only 52 senators voted to close debate. All Republicans voted no, as did Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Mary … Continue reading

CALLS NEEDED – Stop Friedland!

April 28, 2014 UPDATE: On Monday evening, April 28th, Michelle T. Friedland was confirmed to the 9th Circuit by a vote of 50-40 with 9 not voting.  April 25, 2014 UPDATE: The final Senate confirmation vote on Michelle T. Friedland’s … Continue reading

Congratulations, You Stopped Halligan!

Congratulations, You Stopped Halligan! March 7, 2013 Because of grassroots activists like you, a cloture motion to stop debate on the nomination of Caitlin Halligan to the D.C. Court of Appeals failed by a vote of 51-41 with 8 Senators … Continue reading

Keep up the fight against Hagel!

Keep up the fight against Hagel! February 21, 2013 Dear Friends, Thank you for calling your Senators and urging them to oppose Chuck Hagel.  Last week’s failed cloture vote on Hagel’s nomination was a temporary victory, but unfortunately several Senators … Continue reading