April 2015 Education Reporter

Opting Out of Testing Chicago’s Mayor Celebrates Victory Over Teachers Union African-American Homeschoolers Thriving Education Briefs Don’t Close the Zoos Book of the Month: Hope for America: Restoring Ageless Principles to Education, by David A. Norris. Faithful Life Publishers, 2014, … Continue reading

May 2014 Education Reporter

NEA Dues Increase to Rescue Common Core Student Privacy Under Attack SAT Test To Align With Common Core Education Briefs Parents Say No! to Standardized Tests Professors on Food Stamps Book of the Month: Strings Attached: One Tough Teacher and … Continue reading

What College Tuition Is Paying For

April 2014 What College Tuition Is Paying For Confronting Campus Radicals David Horowitz thinks that anybody who cares about the future of America should confront the fact that U.S. colleges and universities are the fountainhead of financing for the radical … Continue reading

Why Moms Are Protesting Common Core

Why Moms Are Protesting Common Core by Phyllis Schlafly March 5, 2014 One of the major reasons why Moms are vigorously opposing schools adopting the much ballyhooed Common Core standards is that they are tied to the gathering and storing … Continue reading

February 2014 Education Reporter

Common Core? No Thank You Homeschoolers Under Attack Recent Radical Union Activities Education Briefs Say It Isn’t So On Campus Anti-Bullying Campaigns May Not Work Book of the Month: Getting to Excellence: What Every Educator Should Know about Consequences of … Continue reading

The NEA Shows Its Politics

The NEA Shows Its Politics by Phyllis Schlafly August 1, 2012 Political conversation on the media is full of chatter about how to cut spending and debt, but it reminds us of the comment attributed to Mark Twain: Everybody talks … Continue reading

New Report Exposes Leftwing Professors

Back to May Ed Reporter New Report Exposes Leftwing Professors A new report by the California division of the National Association of Scholars (NAS) found that left-wing political activism has had a corrupting effect on the University of California (UC). … Continue reading