Help stop amnesty! LIGHT-UP THE PHONE LINES!

Update: On Thursday, February 5th, the Senate voted for a third time to open debate and allow amendments on H.R. 240, the House-passed DHS bill. Unfortunately, this motion continued to be filibustered by the Democrats and Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) with cloture failing 52-48. Leader … Continue reading

2014 Eagle Forum ALERTS

12-13-14 House Funds Amnesty – Call Senators NOW! 12-11-14 Call Congress NOW: NO on CRomnibus 12-05-14 ACTION: What Does Pete Sessions Really Think? 12-04-14 Boehner To Use Democrats to Fund Amnesty! 12-03-14 URGENT: Tell Congress – Defund Amnesty NOW! 12-02-14 … Continue reading