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July 2007

Dear Eagle Friend,

The voice of grassroots Americans was heard loud and clear in the Halls of Congress when the Senate decided not to vote for the amnesty bill that had been so vigorously lobbied by President Bush, by a handful of Senators known as the "Deal Makers," and by Big Media. Thank you for your help in contacting your Senators.

Republican Senators voted No by 3 to 1 (37 to 12), so it is clear that President Bush has divided the conservative movement that elected him. Your help is urgently needed to rebuild the conservative movement. We have the momentum — grassroots pressure must now demand that our government do its constitutional duty and secure our borders.

Since we defeated future amnesty in the Senate, we must press forward now to terminate "Silent Amnesty" (failing to use current laws to secure our border).

I am asking you to take this Resolution (PDF or doc file) and get it passed by any and every organization you belong to or attend — particularly by all the Republican organizations in your area and state — district and precinct conventions/caucuses, whatever they are called.

The instructions for the use of this Resolution are here.

Just think of the impact we can have if hundreds of these Resolutions are passed! When it comes time for your State Republican Convention and the Republican National Convention in 2008, you will be able to get the Resolution passed there because you will have the proof that voters demand it!

Thank you for your special help on this vital project.


Phyllis Schlafly

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