Eagle Forum Live – Sept. 2015

Coming Up In September 2015 . . .

September 5

Father Frank Pavone – Abolishing Abortion

The fight against abortion has been going on for a long time. Father Frank Pavone says it’s time to stop fighting abortion – and start ending abortion. Join us as we discuss strategy. The battle can be won!

Two Pro-Life Leaders on the Front Lines: Bridget VanMeans, President, ThriVe St. Louis and Kristan Hawkins, President, Students for Life of America. Both ladies will speak at Eagle Council.

Tentative Eagle Council Schedule — Sept 11-13, St. Louis, MO

September 12

Chief Justice Roy Moore – Religious Liberty: Freedom in Peril

He was Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court – and then, his support for the Ten Commandments did him in. Now Roy Moore serves again as Chief Justice – and he joins us to discuss religious liberty.

September 19

Jonathan Last – Is the World Overpopulated?

Is the planet overcrowded? In truth, the opposite is true – from the Orient to the West, the world is not having enough children to support itself. In Italy, more people die than are born. Tune in to discuss!

September 26

Frank Gaffney – Rotten Deal: Obama and Iran

Is a nuclear Iran in the world’s future? If the President of the United States has his way, it could be. Join us as Frank Gaffney offers a warning and a challenge about the president’s ‘deal’ with Iran.

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Privacy – Foreign to Obamacare?

Do no harm’ has been a medical motto for centuries. But when government bullies its way into the business of health, we find harm all over the place. Will healthcare find the courage to tell Big Brother ‘no’? This past month on Eagle Forum Live, Anne Cori interviewed Twila Brase, President of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, about keeping our data confidential.

Twila Brase is a Certified Public Health Nurse on the front line of the healthcare debate, informing the public of crucial privacy concerns, the intrusive aspects of Obamacare, and the full implications of so-called “health care reform.” She cautioned listeners that the HIPAA privacy form patients are asked to sign in the doctors’ office does not provide them with a shred of privacy rights: instead, the form gives 2.2 million entities access to patient medical records. Hospitals frequently pressure patients to sign the HIPAA forms, but they are not legally required to do so: Brase urged patients to decline.

Today’s medical data collection starts early: all 50 states collect the DNA of infants, some states store it, and 4 even claim a child’s DNA as state government property. A government hungry for information is a government hungry for control: in the medical community, Obamacare has opened up the floodgates for both.

Additionally, in a world of hackers, the possibility of Americans’ private information in the wrong hands is serious indeed: the proposed National Patient ID would exacerbate this risk. Meanwhile, the dignity of patients also suffers as a result of government intrusion: Brase argued that a National Patient ID would negatively impact the patient-doctor relationship.

Obamacare, the future of medicine, keeping your children’s data confidential …you can find the entire conversation between Anne Cori and Twila Brase by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org/radio. Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom is a patient-centered national health freedom organization that works to protect patient choices and privacy.

What you sign in the doctor’s office could come back to hurt you. Do you know your privacy rights? Fighting the system is hard and time-consuming, but our privacy depends on it.