Eagle Forum Live – Oct 2015

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October 3

Ann Coulter – Adios, America: The Immigration Crisis

A strange cartel of greedy and delusional characters are making a fortune off illegal immigration. Who are these people? Ann Coulter joins us to outline why illegal immigration is the most important issue facing our nation.

October 10

Maria Espinoza – Stolen Lives: Secrets of Illegals

Do you have a loved one killed or harmed by illegal immigration? Too many Americans can answer “yes” to that question. Tune in to remember the innocents who have lost their lives to criminal illegal aliens.

October 17

Luz Gonzalez – Florida Parents Against Common Core

October 24

David Kupelian – The Snapping of the American Mind

Children are told they can change their gender. Christians have been prosecuted as criminals. The president supports our enemies. Why is American culture celebrating madness? Veteran journalist David Kupelian weighs in.

October 31

Dan DiMicco – Why Americans Should Make Stuff

Is American manufacturing on life support? It doesn’t have to be, our guest says – manufacturing could make America great again! The former CEO of our nation’s largest steel company joins us to share his experience.

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Rotten Deal: Obama and Iran

The world is painfully aware of the dangers of nuclear weapons. But if Obama’s Iran deal is approved by Congress, could the United States be responsible for getting nuclear weapons into the hands of madmen? This past month on Eagle Forum Live, Phyllis Schlafly interviewed Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, about Obama’s deal with Iran.

Gaffney pointed out that the president can be a tough negotiator when he chooses to be – when it comes to Republicans in Congress, Obama refuses to give an inch. Did the president want a weak deal? At the negotiating table with the Iranians, the United States’ team was happy to make concession after concession, leaving Iran with a clear path to acquiring nuclear weapons.

Even President Obama, according to Gaffney, admits that at the end of this process (within as few as 10 years), according to the terms of the deal, Iran could have nuclear capabilities. One expert even speculates that Iran may have nuclear weapons already, and is simply negotiating for the lifting of sanctions – access to $150 billion dollars on the global market.

According to the terms of the Iran deal before Congress, the Iranians may continue to enrich uranium, have advanced centrifuges for enriching uranium more quickly, and even receive help on their nuclear program from the international community – including help with upgrading reactors, access to advanced technology, and security for their nuclear program.

Senator Ted Cruz has commented that if the Iran deal is approved, the Obama administration would become the world’s leading sponsor of Islamic terrorism. Gaffney heartily agreed – a $150 billion influx to Iran’s leaders would allow them to continue funding international terrorism at an unprecedented level.

Frank Gaffney is also the host of Secure Freedom Radio, an author and commentator, and held a defense position in the Reagan administration. You can find the entire conversation between Phyllis Schlafly and Frank Gaffney by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org/radio.