Eagle Forum Live – March 2016

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March 5

Erick Erickson — You Will Be Made to Care

Americans now face unprecedented threats to our religious liberties. We have witnessed businesses and individuals be bullied and boycotted for expressing their Christian beliefs. The radical Left no longer demands we tolerate their extreme agenda — they demand our approval.

March 12

J.C. Watts – Dig Deep

Power and money drive Washington D.C., but they are not the keys to success! But what happens when we lose our way? When we measure our success by finances? And when failure is always someone else’s fault? The solution, says J.C. Watts, is not to look for outside approval – but to dig deep.

March 19

Orlean Koehle – The California Water Crisis

Despite heavy spring rains, the state of California insists on continuing its “water crisis mode.” But what is the real agenda behind this manufactured drought? We’ll be talking property rights, Regionalism, and Agenda 21 with a leading activist.

March 26

The Best of Eagle Forum Live
from 4/18/15 Bridget Van Means – Fighting Abortion

Abortion hurts women: will the medical community sound the alarm? Tune in as a courageous woman tells the truth about life, motherhood, and victories on the front line of the pro-life movement!

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Poverty – An Industry?

Progressive utopians have worked for decades to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a socialist fantasy. We must put an end to this blatant corruption and criminality. This past month on Eagle Forum Live, Phyllis Schlafly interviewed international journalist and writer Alex Newman, co-author of Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.

Congress recently passed the Every Student Succeeds Act, a new 1,000+ page law that continues and even increases the federal meddling in education. Federal bureaucrats believe that “parents simply aren’t smart enough to make education decision for their kids,” Newman said, “Or even local educators for that matter.” They must bow to the knowledge of the supposed experts.

Full-service community schools? Parents as “equal partners” with the state? These are just a few of the many nefarious plots that Newman outlined. Several of our education bureaucrats have joined in the United Nation’s pursuit of “new sustainable standards” to be taught universally. Newman discussed in-depth what he and Sam Blumenfeld discovered in the so-called “World Core Curriculum.”

This is one of the biggest problems with our education bureaucracy in the United States. Newman’s investigations have found that many of our top education officials want to centralize control of public schools and adopt this global education agenda. “They want to impose human rights restrictions on public and religious schools,” Newman said. “UNESCO has stepped way out of bounds in education — that’s why Regan pulled us out of this organization! It was filled with communists, mass murders, and dictators.”

Crimes of the Educators outlines the case against Common Core, No Child Left Behind, Goals 2000 and now Every Student Succeeds. All of these education programs are the same radical leftist goal by different names, and parents and citizens must recognize what the utopians are doing to their kids in schools.

The entire conversation between Phyllis Schlafly and Alex Newman can be found by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org/radio.