Eagle Forum Live Radio – Mar. 2015

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March 7

Dr. Brion McClanahan – American Heroes: Did You Know?

Do you know American history? Who are the real American heroes? The American story is wide and deep: join us for surprising stories and strange facts about your favorite American heroes.

March 14

Dr. Lee Hieb – Surviving Obamacare

The American medical system is in meltdown, and insurance is more confusing than ever. Are you ready to live through Obamacare? A doctor joins us to discuss what is happening and how you can prepare.

March 21

Dean Chrisco – Where Did My Country Go? (Part 1)

Why does America seem so lost? To find a good answer, we must understand our history, face our reality, and implement a plan for the future. A new author joins us to share his findings.

March 28

Rafael Cruz – When The Righteous Rule

As a teenager, Rafael Cruz was imprisoned and tortured in Cuba after resisting the regime. Later he found a place of safety in the United States. Now a pastor, Cruz has a message for America – join us to hear his story!

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U-Turn: The Strength of Our Roots

America’s roots are strong, and her heritage runs deep. Will we detach ourselves, or will we access this greatness? This past month on Eagle Forum Live, pollster George Barna joined host Anne Cori, Phyllis’ daughter, for a conversation on culture, trends, and the American future.

Barna urged Christians to “turn the nation around” by restoring its three major foundations: family, church, and government. While faith in God and adherence to biblical principles once made the United States great, her current path is in opposition to those principles.

Meanwhile, the evidence continues to arrive: God’s ideal for families is the safest and smartest model to be found anywhere. 79% of surveyed children who grew up with their married parents said they felt emotionally safe as they were growing up. Meanwhile, only 44% of children whose parents were divorced reported feeling emotionally safe during their childhood.
If families in the U.S. this year were as stable as U.S. families were in 1960, there would be approximately 600,000 less children in therapy, and 70,000 fewer attempted suicides. Barna describes the last 40 years of American life as a specific period of decline. He warns that the nation’s current trajectory is not sustainable, and urges a U-turn to the strength of America’s roots.

74% of surveyed Americans might agree, as they claim to be dissatisfied with the state of our nation. But the question remains: are those 74% of Americans willing to make a U-turn? Barna’s latest book, U-Turn, co-authored with David Barton, offers action steps that are challenging but essential. The duo is confident that there is hope for the family, the church, and the government – beginning at our doorsteps.

Barna is considered “the most quoted person in the U.S. church today” and has sold more research-based books on faith and culture than any other author in American history. His latest book U-Turn: Restoring America to the Strength of its Roots is available at Amazon. You can find the entire conversation between Anne Cori and George Barna by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org/radio.

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