Eagle Forum Live – July 2015

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July 4

William Federer – Celebrating American Independence

This 4th of July – do you know the most inspiring stories of American history? Join us for a special Independence Day broadcast with one of America’s most interesting storytellers – only these stories are true!

July 11

Anthony Esolen – Ten Ways To Destroy Your Child?

How do you raise a child who can appreciate a good book? Who can control their emotions without letting their emotions control them? Join us as we discuss the full, free life that childhood should launch.

July 18

Andy Biggs – The Con of the Con-Con

Is a Constitutional Convention the answer to the political problems our nation faces? Our guest answers with an emphatic NO – and suggests that a Constitutional Convention could do more harm than good.

July 25

James Otteson – Why Capitalism?

What did Adam Smith know about capitalism that you don’t know? Join us for an exploration of the free-market system – we’ll consult both the enemies and the champions of capitalist ideas.

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Marriage and the Supreme Court

They were wrong about slavery and wrong about abortion, and now the Supreme Court is wrong about marriage. How should conservatives respond? This past month on Eagle Forum Live, Phyllis Schlafly interviewed Dr. Jay Richards about the high court’s ruling on the definition of marriage.

On June 26, homosexuals celebrated in front of the Supreme Court, waving the rainbow flag and rushing to courthouses all over America to demand marriage licenses. The Supreme Court held that the 14th amendment of the Constitution requires every state to license homosexual unions as marriage. However, the 14th amendment has long been known for offering protection to former slaves after the Civil War – and it doesn’t even mention marriage!

Men and women need each other: the genders complement and complete each other. “Marriage is what it is,” Dr. Richards pointed out in a piece he recently authored. “…the high court has now set American jurisprudence against human nature itself.” Meanwhile, there are children who will be deprived of a mother or a father because of what happened at the Supreme Court: the decision has real implications for the most vulnerable Americans.

Richards outlined five things that American Christians should do in response to the ruling: pray unceasingly, act consistently, think clearly, love unconditionally, and stand together, suffering the consequences. “All of us who are married need to model what marriage is supposed to look like,” he urged.

The best defense in this case is a good offense.” Richards concluded. “Besides, we have a responsibility to our culture and to our fellow Americans, even if at the moment they hate us for it! It’s time for a counter-offensive. Real love in this case means that we must stand. We must suffer.

Dr. Jay Richards is a political philosopher, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, and a New York Times bestselling author. He has authored an article at stream.org titled The Supreme Court Redefines Marriage: What We Must Do. You can find the entire conversation between Phyllis Schlafly and Dr. Jay Richards by visiting the radio archives page here.

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