Eagle Forum Live Radio – Feb. 2015

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February 7

Tim Daughtry – How to Be Convincing

Do you struggle through conversations with your liberal friends and relatives? Join us as a former clinical psychologist offers tried-and-true strategies for winning the dinner table debates.

February 14

Jennifer Morse – Life-Long Love in America

This Valentine’s Day – will marriage survive the assaults of the 21st century? Our guest says that fear was at the heart of the sexual revolution, but life-long love is making a comeback.

February 21

George Barna – U-Turn: The Strength of Our Roots

America’s roots are strong, and her heritage runs deep. Will we detach ourselves, or will we access this greatness? George Barna joins us for a discussion on strengthening the three great American foundations.

February 28

Gerard Lameiro – Can College Really Be Free?

President Obama has promised 2 years of free community college for American students. But can college really be free? Join us as we push past the rhetoric and ask the hard questions.

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Seasons and the Two-Income Problem

Why do parents feel the pull to stay home? Eagle Forum Live kicked off a new year of broadcasting with a vigorous conversation between Phyllis Schlafly, Suzanne Venker and callers across the country. The topic? Life balance, parenting, and the surprising economics of the two-income lifestyle. (Listen here)

Two parents who work full-time are constantly exhausted, and rarely spend quality time with their children – is this the American dream? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, stay-at-home parents are on the rise: in the last 15 years stay-at-home mothers have risen from 23% to 29%, and stay-at-home fathers are more common as well.

Breadwinning is just part of what a family needs to be strong and healthy. When both parents are devoted full-time to earning a living, young children often lack the parental attention they deserve. Meanwhile, too many American parents are burning themselves out trying to do everything. Exhaustion takes many two-income families by surprise, but the problem is real. Full-time work coupled with full-time parenting for years on end is neither practical nor possible for most women.

The show contrasted the choices faced by American women: will they schedule mothering around their career, or make their career goals work with being a mother? We need to stop making it easier for mothers to spend most of their time separated from their children, Venker urged – and start making it easier for mothers to focus on loving their children. American women can absolutely have it all – and do – but not all at the same time.

Venker is a wife, mother, and Fox News contributor. Her book The Two-Income Trap: Why Parents are Choosing to Stay Home has just been re-released on Kindle.

Now celebrating 25 years of broadcasting, Eagle Forum Live is pleased to continue bringing news and commentary to homes across America. You can find the entire conversation between Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org/radio.

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