Eagle Forum Live – Dec. 2015

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December 5

Dr. John Littell — Deception In Women’s Healthcare

The left imagines a conservative “war on women.” But the left’s plans for women are dangerous, and their rhetoric is deceitful. A physician joins us to discuss Obamacare, debunk common myths, and offer practical advice.

December 12

Dr. Peter Navarro — Tiger in the East: Confronting China

The news is riddled with talk of Russia, Syria, and the Middle East, but meanwhile in China, a lethal military buildup is in full force. What does China want, and how should the United States respond?

December 19

Michael Miller — The Poverty Industry

People are making money off foreign aid, but the poor are not among them. Foreign aid has not made poor countries rich, and poverty hasn’t ended. Is the global aid industry based on a series of errors? Don’t miss this fascinating exposé.


December 26

William Federer — The Gift of Freedom

There’s a lot of gift-giving happening these days — have you stopped to give thanks for the gift of liberty? On this show, favorite guest Bill Federer returns to share riveting stories from America’s miraculous past. Join us to unwrap the gift of freedom.

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Excuse Me, Professor
– Challenging Myths

Liberal propaganda is full of clichés – ‘humans are destroying the earth,’ ‘government solves problems,’ ‘communism helps the poor.’ Are conservatives prepared to challenge the status quo — and win? This past month on Eagle Forum Live, Anne Cori interviewed Lawrence Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education and author of the new book Excuse Me, Professor: Challenging the Myths of Progressivism.

Some people say that Jesus Christ was a progressive, that Jesus advocated income redistribution to the poor. Reed couldn’t disagree more: progressivism, he says, is at odds with Christ’s teaching. Additionally, the evidence proves that income redistribution doesn’t help the poor — history shows us that socialism hurts them! Has anyone told Bernie Sanders?

Many prevailing ideas about economics and government are based on misunderstandings, and Reed’s book seeks to debunk those common myths. From “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer,” to “people are destroying the earth,” and “capitalism hurts people,” no cliché is off limits, and Reed weighs into controversies with ease.

“To assume that the outcomes in the marketplace should all be relatively equal is to deny the unique individuality and the unique contributions that each of us make,” Reed pointed out on the air. While progressives present the idea that government operates as some kind of benevolent parent, making sure that everyone plays nicely and that no one has too much more fun than anyone else, conservatives take a different view. Government should not stand in the way of individual accomplishment: it should facilitate a secure and just environment, where all have the opportunity to create value and achieve success.

Lawrence Reed has authored more than 1,000 columns and articles on the topic of sound economics. Excuse Me, Professor is an anthology of common sense and wisdom on various economic questions, challenging progressive ideas and offering conservatives the tools they need to make articulate arguments. You can find the entire conversation between Anne Cori and Lawrence Reed by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org/radio.