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December 6

Who Killed the American FamilyCynthia Davis – Who Killed The American Family?

Why is there a smaller number of Americans living in traditional families, with a mother and father married to each other, raising their own children? Who killed the American family? Join us for the answer to that question.

December 13

Kristan Hawkins – Can We Abolish Abortion In Our Lifetime?

Is it true that younger people are more pro-life than the previous American generation? What will it take to win? Join us for answers from a leading voice in the pro-life youth movement.

December 20

Rosemary Jenks – Immigration, Obama, and America’s Future

The President has issued an imperialist executive order on amnesty: what now? One of the nation’s leading immigration experts joins us to discuss illegal immigrants and America’s future.

December 27
Jerome Corsi – The Miracle That Sealed Allied Victory

In December 1944, in a shocking victory, American underdogs saved World War II for the Allies. A historian joins us to tell the dramatic true story of one of the world’s most important battles.

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2014 Elections: The Mandate is In

Republicans swept into Congressional power during November’s midterm elections, overwhelming liberals in race after race and taking back the Senate for the first time in eight years. On Eagle Forum Live in November, Phyllis provided breaking analysis of what happened – and what it means for America!

On November 4, U.S. voters elected 36 governors, 36 U.S. Senators, and all 435 members of Congress. The American people pounded their frustration with Obama all over their ballots, handing Republicans easy victories in elections that pundits expected to be close. What can we expect from the current federal gridlock?

Joining Phyllis for the show was Ed Martin, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party and a member of the RNC, also an attorney and conservative strategist.

Some conservatives have pointed out the impressive number of pro-natural-marriage candidates elected to office during the November midterms, highlighting how seriously the American people still take man/woman marriage.

Meanwhile in Texas, liberal Wendy Davis, a champion of radical feminism and abortion, lost her race for governor, and a Republican won her old state Senate seat!

In spite of the conservative victories, there was a darker side to November 4: only one-third of registered voters chose to vote; two-thirds of American voters deliberately silenced their voices.

The new gridlock in Washington – a completely Republican Congress versus a dramatically leftist Presidency – means either more stalemate than ever, or more opportunities for compromise, both healthy and unhealthy.

Republicans swept many races that polls had predicted would be close: Tuesday was the most substantial Republican victory in decades, and the first time the GOP has beaten more than two incumbent U.S. Senators at a time since 1980. Tuesday night was a good night for Republicans, but only time will tell if it’s ultimately a good night for conservatives. Conservatives in the grassroots need to hold their leaders to principle, remain alert, and work faithfully toward more victories in the future.

Now celebrating 25 years of broadcasting, Eagle Forum Live is pleased to continue bringing news and commentary to homes across America. You can find the entire conversation between Phyllis Schlafly and Ed Martin here.

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