Eagle Forum Live – Aug 2015

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August 1

Twila Brase – Your Health Care Privacy

What you sign in the doctor’s office could come back to hurt you. Do you know your privacy rights? Obamacare, the future of medicine, keeping your children’s data confidential — we’ll cover it all on today’s show!

August 8

John Yoo – Point of Attack

The President of the United States is undermining the rule of law. Meanwhile, nations fear internal attacks and the world is overwhelmed with wars. What should the grounds for war be?

August 15

Steve Deace – American Crossroads

The election of 2016 brings America to a vital crossroads. Socialism or liberty? Conservatives or bureaucrats? Join the conversation as an Iowa radio talk show host joins Phyllis to discuss the issues.

August 22

Jack Cashill – The Scarlet Letters of Liberalism

‘Racist,’ ‘sexist,’ ‘Islamophobe’ — progressives aim to shrink conservatives into ridiculous stereotypes. How did liberalism become an inquisition? Let’s put an end to the name-calling.

August 29

Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free

E. Ray Moore – Escaping Common Core

What does the Bible have to say about where your children attend school? We know that Common Core is a deficient education: today’s guest outlines the mandate that places on every Christian parent.

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The Con of the Con Con

Some say the Constitution ought to be changed. Phyllis Schlafly has long maintained that it would be dangerous to tamper with the founding document. This past month on Eagle Forum Live, Phyllis Schlafly interviewed Senator Andy Biggs, President of the Arizona Senate, about the faulty arguments for a Constitutional Convention.

Most Americans have never heard of a Constitutional Convention. But inside conservative politics, a debate rages. Is a Con Con the answer to the political problems our nation faces? The proposal originates from Article V of the Constitution, which requires Congress to call a convention to amend the Constitution if 2/3 of the states submit applications requesting such.

But the Constitution has served us well for more than 200 hundred years, Biggs argued. Is the Constitution the problem with our nation? He answered with an emphatic “no.” While some conservatives describe a Con Con as the “only solution” to America’s political crisis, Biggs said that kind of language raises a red flag.

Our Constitution was ratified in 1788 — and we’ve been struggling to respect its guidelines ever since. Is it high time for an upgrade, or should we try following the Constitution we’ve already got? Phyllis Schlafly and her guest outlined a number of reasons why they oppose an Article 5 Convention.

The questions about a Con Con are many — how would it specifically work? Who would call the shots? Would it have legitimacy? And if conservative Republicans can’t control a GOP convention, how could they control a convention with Democrats? Advocates of a Con Con cannot answer these questions satisfactorily. In truth, a Constitutional Convention could do Americans much more harm than good.

Andy Biggs serves as the president of the Arizona Senate, where he has been repeatedly recognized for his efforts to reduce the size and scope of government. He is a retired attorney and the author of a new book: The Con of the Con Con: The Case Against the States Amending the U.S. Constitution. You can find the entire conversation between Phyllis Schlafly and Senator Andy Biggs by visiting the radio archives page here.

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