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April 4

Phyllis Schlafly – Open Phones

Phyllis responds to callers on a wide variety of subjects, including patents, immigration, jobs and the economy, creation, education, politics, and presidential candidates from 1952 to 2016.

April 11

Dean Chrisco – Where Did My Country Go? (Part 2)

Why does America seem so lost? To find a good answer, we must understand our history, face our reality, and implement a plan for the future. A new author joins us to share his findings.

April 18

Bridget VanMeans – Winning With Truth: Pro-Life Victories

Abortion hurts women: will the medical community sound the alarm? Tune in as a courageous woman tells the truth about life, motherhood, and victories on the front line of the pro-life movement!

April 25

Kelly Lichter – To Start a School

What would you do if your children lacked the opportunity for a great education? Kelly Lichter decided to launch a school – and 400 students lined up to attend. Don’t miss this story of education gone right.

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Surviving the Medical Meltdown

As the United States moves along the dangerous road toward government control of healthcare, what do the changes mean for you and your family? Can you outsmart the system? This past month on Eagle Forum Live, physician Lee Hieb joined host Anne Cori, Phyllis’ daughter, for a conversation on Obamacare and the future of healthcare in America.

While the United States spends more money on healthcare per capita than any other nation in the world, many modern countries still have better healthcare than the US. Why? Dr. Hieb blamed the problem in part on excess government regulation. Health care is treated differently than other essential markets – like food or clothing – and is highly regulated by the government. What if there were a world where people could pay for surgery as easily and as simply as they pay for groceries?

Yet regardless of how frustrating the politics may be, there are always smart steps that savvy consumers can take to gain more control over their own health. Some physicians still run cash practices, which Dr. Hieb urged listeners to utilize.

In the debate about vaccines, Dr. Hieb urged caution. She warned against one-size-fits-all politicians who believe that all vaccines are always good for all people all the time, explaining that health for each individual is more nuanced than bureaucrats would have us believe.

Dr. Hieb also described the ways in which medical school has changed in recent decades. “This regulatory nightmare is driving doctors out of the profession,” she explained. Medical students are spending more time learning how to maneuver the system and less time than ever studying health and working with real patients.

Dr. Hieb’s book Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare is available at Amazon. Her book includes practical tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking ownership of your family’s health. You can find the entire conversation between Anne Cori and Dr. Lee Hieb by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org/radio.

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