White Flag Congress Townhalls Launch This Week

White Flag Congress Townhalls Launch This Week


St. Louis, MO: The White Flag Congress project is set to hold its inaugural townhall event tomorrow evening in St. Louis County, just days before the House and Senate are expected to vote on the massive Every Student Succeeds Act, a massive 1,059-page bill that is being pushed quickly through Congress. This bill will influence public education long after the Obama administration has come to an end.

“This week is the perfect time to launch the White Flag Congress townhalls,” said Ed Martin. “The Republican-controlled Congress is on the verge of passing a new legislative behemoth that will control public education for years to come. The only conservative provisions in this bill have now been cut. Speaker Ryan is about to raise the white flag, yet again, and hand liberal groups and teachers unions a huge victory. We simply cannot allow Republican leadership to surrender control of public education for years to come without some kind of severe repercussions. We will start a series of meetings tomorrow to discuss what actions we can take now to hold Congress accountable.”

White Flag Congress Townhall | St. Louis
Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotel
Fleur de Lys A, Third Floor
7730 Bonhomme Ave, St. Louis, MO 63105
6:30 pm: Doors open | 7:00 pm: Program begins

Please find this week’s Phyllis Schlafly Column here for more detailed information on the ESEA bill Republican surrender.