Republican Congress Poised to Surrender Again

Republican Congress Poised to Surrender Again

House Set to Vote On $1 trillion Spending Omnibus Tomorrow


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 17, 2015

St. Louis, MO: On Friday, the House of Representatives will vote on a $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the government for the next year. This bill represents the final opportunity for the Republican-led Congress to rein in the Obama Administration using the powers given them by Article One of the Constitution.

“After weeks of closed-door meetings and negotiations, we see that the American people have lost again to special interests and an out-of-control executive branch,” said Ed Martin, president of Eagle Forum. “Republicans once again surrendered a number of key battlegrounds in this bloated omnibus spending bill.

“They gave up the 2011 budget caps – one of John Boehner’s only accomplishments. They caved on defunding Planned Parenthood and did not acquire a single pro-life victory in this bill. Not one new restriction was placed on refugee programs, sanctuary cities, or President Obama’s lawless amnesty – in fact, this bill will nearly quadruple H-2B visas in 2016 to bring in more foreign workers to replace Americans. The EPA will continue to advance their radical environmentalist agenda. And, last but not least, congressional Republicans have placed us at risk by not restricting any of Obama’s dangerous foreign policies, in Iran and across the world.”

With less than three days to digest a 2,000+ page spending bill, no one should expect Members of Congress to fully understand what they are voting on when the omnibus comes to the floor. Republican Representatives and Senators simply cannot allow this dangerous omnibus spending bill that caves on nearly every policy to the extreme, leftist agenda of the Obama administration.


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