Phyllis Schlafly’s Stop Common Core Pledge

Phyllis Schlafly’s Stop Common Core Pledge

Sen. Ted Cruz first signer of new Eagle Forum STOP Common Core Pledge.


St. Louis, MO:  Eagle Forum is rolling out a new candidate pledge this week.  The pledge will be available for candidates at every level to sign and show their opposition to Common Core in all forms and under all names.  Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (TX) is the first candidate or office holder to sign this pledge.

“I am thrilled to introduce our new STOP Common Core Pledge,” said Schlafly.  “As 2016 elections heat up, voters deserve to know every candidate’s position on this vital issue.  Common Core has quickly become one of the hottest grassroots issues as people have seen the program for what it truly is.  Common Core offers nationalized control, special-interest strings attached, and a whole new method of learning that has accomplished nothing but mass confusion among our kids.  Candidates and incumbents now have the opportunity to make clear to voters, by signing our pledge, that they will work to STOP Common Core.”

Eagle Forum has been one of the first and foremost national advocates against the Common Core State Standards.  This pledge gives candidates and incumbents a chance to assure our grassroots network – one of the largest in the country – and voters all over the country that they will publicly oppose Common Core and work to see this federal intrusion ended in our schools.

Phyllis Schlafly’s Stop Common Core Pledge  [view pledge]

I, (name of candidate), will:
1) oppose Common Core in all its forms and no matter what name it is given;
2) limit or eliminate the various aspects of Common Core that are currently being implemented including but not limited to data collection, directed vocational education, and nationalized assessments/standards (e.g. PARCC and Smarter Balanced); and
3) make public my opposition to Common Core.