Missouri Eagle Forum Endorses Jay Ashcroft

Missouri Eagle Forum Endorses Jay Ashcroft

CONTACT: Ryan Hite, Communications Director

Saint Louis, MO: Missouri Eagle Forum, a conservative public policy organization that dedicates itself to the preservation of liberty, family values, and the Constitution, is proud to endorse Jay Ashcroft in his race to become Missouri’s next Secretary of State. This announcement came on June 14 at the annual Missouri Eagle Forum Sweetheart Luncheon. Missouri Eagle Forum is a state-chapter affiliate of Phyllis Schlafly’s national Eagle Forum. State President Noreen McCann and Phyllis Schlafly issued the following statements:

“While new threats face our nation every day, it is more important than ever that we maintain the integrity of our elections” Noreen McCann said. “Liberals in Missouri and across the country have used ballots as their personal playgrounds to manipulate words and engineer a liberal agenda. Jay Ashcroft will work tirelessly to champion fair elections that are free from fraud, and we are thrilled to endorse him in this election.”

“Missouri desperately needs consistent conservative leaders who will fight to defend our values,” said Phyllis Schlafly, founder and chairman of Eagle Forum. “Jay Ashcroft has a lifetime of commitment to the conservative cause and is the only consistent conservative running for Missouri Secretary of State. He has proven time and again that he will not waver in his defense of the constitutional principles that have made our country great. We are proud to endorse Jay Ashcroft for Missouri Secretary of State because we know he will be a steadfast defender of our families, our faith, and our freedom.”

Missouri Eagle Forum supports candidates who are committed to a conservative philosophy of limited government, national sovereignty, and traditional values.