Gloria Steinem’s Historical Inaccuracies

Gloria Steinem’s Historical Inaccuracies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 12, 2015

St. Louis, MO: Ed Martin released a statement today following the recent publication of Gloria Steinem’s new book titled My Life on the Road.

“Gloria Steinem is publishing a memoir that misleads Americans,” Martin said. “In interviews about the memoir, Steinem describes the 1977 International Women’s Year conference in Houston as ‘the most important event nobody knows about.’ This is certainly true, but not for the reason Steinem wants us to believe. In fact, Houston was the beginning of the end of the Equal Rights Amendment movement.

“When Americans witnessed the true feminist movement on television, they knew that Phyllis Schlafly had been right all along. The radical feminist agenda was not about the empowerment or equality of women — quite the opposite. The radical feminists in Houston showed their true colors: they were dirty, deviant, and disgraceful. It was a spectacle in sharp contrast to the Pro-Family Rally event hosted by Phyllis a few blocks away.”

To find out the real history — not Steinem’s version — interested parties should visit the Eagle Forum archive of audio, video, and documents that follow the conservative movement over the greater part of 100 years. Most notably, it possesses a definitive collection of documents from the Equal Rights Amendment era that show what Gloria Steinem doesn’t want America to remember. For more information on these archives, visit and contact our Eagle Forum Education Center.