The NEA Loves Hillary

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The NEA Loves Hillary

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton addressed the National Education Association union convention in Washington, D.C. on July 5, 2016. Security was tight that day, with airport-screening type magnetrons set up for all delegates and attendees to pass through. Legal proof of identity was required, the sort that Democrats scorn when it’s requested before a person is allowed to vote. But requiring a photo ID before entering Hillary’s presence is apparently necessary.

Teachers unions are an integral part of the establishment Democratic machine that has a lock on education and on most inner city governments. Clinton’s speech to delegates decried “hostile state legislators and union busting governors,” saying that if she is elected, “help is on the way.” Translated, this means more federal intrusion in state and local education issues.

Hillary said, “When schools get it right, whether they’re traditional public schools or public charter schools, let’s figure out what’s working and share it with schools across America. Rather than starting from ideology, let’s start from what’s best for our kids.” Notice that Hillary did not include private schools, parochial schools, or homeschool in what might be best for “our kids.” In Hillary’s world, she knows what’s right for children and it always involves the government, or as she euphemistically calls it in one of her books, “the village.” Parents? Not so much.

Always the consummate professional politician, Hillary threw in one line that the complicit media could use to distance her from the union “establishment.” Although the NEA seeks to enroll charter school teachers in their union and to get their dues money, the union is also anti-charter schools. Sort of. But not exactly. So, when Hillary spoke in a somewhat positive manner about charter schools, there was a slight buzz in the room, a hum. Yet the complicit media reported hearing boos. The Washington Post and others ran headlines about booing and reported that there were “audible boos from the audience.” There were not. It was almost as if the media might have gotten marching orders from the Clinton campaign before the event even took place. Reporters got it wrong because delegates didn’t boo Hillary.

On the Same Page

The truth is that Hilary and the NEA union align on policy and on philosophy.

Hillary is pro-abortion, and even supports partial-birth abortion. All attempts by (a handful of) pro-life delegates to clarify the NEA position on abortion in order to eliminate partial-birth abortion or to add wording that would limit support of abortion to within a certain number of weeks or months of conception have been thwarted by the union.

Hillary and the union are dividers. They like people divided up into ethnicities, races, sexes, and “sexual identities,” including the 27 or so terms that they have been instrumental in popularizing, such as transgender, bisexual, and cisgender.

Hillary and the NEA are fellow travelers in the aim to destroy the family unit. In her speech to the union, Clinton echoed the union call for “universal preschool for all,” an effort to get even the youngest children out of their homes and into institutional care. The union and Clinton are big government types who want all power and responsibility to remain with government, not with individuals or families.

Hillary is no fan of law enforcement, and neither is the NEA leadership. In a speech at the convention, NEA president Lily Eskelsen García condemned police officers and claimed racism to be the cause of shootings, before anyone had a chance to investigate what actually happened. Hillary doesn’t even want the endorsement of the largest law enforcement union in the nation. The “leader of the National Fraternal Order of Police told The Hill that the Democrat sent a signal through her staff that she wouldn’t be seeking the union’s endorsement.” (, 8-6-16) Both Eskelsen García and Clinton have voiced support for the anti-police, race-based agenda of Black Lives Matter. At the first presidential debate the moderator asked Clinton, “Do you believe that police are implicitly biased against black people?” Clinton not only condemned all police as racists but she went further and said, “Lester, I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police.” Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” just got even bigger.

Hillary supports open borders, loose immigration policy, and not enforcing laws on the books, just like President Obama. The NEA wants anyone that shows up at schools to be taught in whatever language they prefer. Assimilation is for them a dirty word. The teachers union and it’s politically correct friend Hillary, don’t want anyone to use the term “illegal alien,” preferring to call them “undocumented” students. The union supports in-state and other tuition breaks for illegal alien students.

Pushed to do so to get votes from Bernie Sanders supporters, Clinton is moving toward free college tuition. In her NEA speech, she promised that college graduates would be able to refinance their student loans to a payment they can “afford.” Clinton also said that if graduates go into “public service,” which includes teaching, all higher-education debt would be forgiven after ten years.

Common Core Began With Hillary

The roots of Common Core are spelled out in the letter Marc Tucker sent to Hillary shortly after her husband was elected president. A pre-Common Core structure, Goals 2000, was enacted in 1994 during the first Clinton administration. It was gobbedly-gook standards-based education reform that included outcome-based education goals. It was Common Core Lite. If Hillary is elected, Common Core will never go away.

Hillary’s election would mean a continuation of social experimentation instead of actual education and the continued effort to funnel children into job slots as needed by global employers, as laid out in the Tucker letter. Another Clinton administration would lead to continual Howard Zinn revisionist history that tries to prove America is and has always been pretty evil.

Hush, Bernie Supporters!

There were no Donald Trump supporters at the NEA convention. To admit to being such would be impossible because at best ridicule would result, and physical harm wouldn’t be out of the question. President Eskelsen García’s opening remarks included a vicious, name-calling attack on the Republican presidential candidate. Days later Hillary Clinton was no kinder, rousing the crowd into loud booing of Donald Trump at least three times.

For those NEA delegates who find Hillary not quite radical enough, or who are disturbed by her ties to big banks and Wall Street, there was little hope for recognition at the convention. It was rumored that some Sanders supporters planned to boo Hillary, to wear their Bernie shirts, or even turn their backs on her. But NEA honchos squelched that. “Educators for Hillary” shirts, worn by hundreds of delegates, were the same shade of blue as the Bernie shirts, meaning there was no hope of the “Berners” standing out. Large club-like instruments called “thunder sticks” that could be clapped together made such loud sounds that any booing could have been instantly drowned out. But no protest was evident before, during, or after Hillary’s speech.

Bernie Sanders supporters were vociferous at the 2015 Representational Assembly and angry when the NEA leadership came out in support of Hillary much earlier than is usual for the union in a presidential campaign year. There was also no polling of NEA membership, which has been the norm in other election cycles. The fix was always in for Hillary.