Ali Obama and His Forty Thieves Are Robbing our Children of a Decent Education

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Ali Obama and His Forty Thieves Are
Robbing our Children of a Decent Education

by Orlean Koehle

Having directed the musical, “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,” when I taught speech and drama in a middle school many years ago, I am very familiar with the story and would add my comments to the excellent article by Denis Ian.

Common Core: A Trojan Horse For Education Reform“Open sesame” opens the door to the vast “treasury” of every strange ideology and radical belief of Common Core-progressive educators and politicians, who are all playing their parts so well. The Chief Thief is Ali Obama, with his understudies played by Secretary of Education Ali Duncan. Chief funders are Ali Bill Gates and Ali Pearson Foundation (the main publisher of the e-books and tests for Common Core).

The 40 thieves have many layers, starting with the national cartel who actually wrote the standards (state and local educators were not involved). Governors, state boards of education, or bureaucrats signed on to Common Core, sight unseen, coerced by the possibility of winning $435 billion in grant money coming from the vast treasury of “stimulus money” from the chief thief, Ali Obama.

The next layer of thieves are the state legislators, who were originally bypassed and not consulted when the governors or bureaucrats signed on, but eventually agreed and gave their support (either willingly or silently by not opposing it); the teachers unions who (with the exception of a few states) are supporting this debacle and are receiving large hand outs (bribes) from the private treasury of Ali Bill Gates and other state and federal grants to do so.

The next layer of thieves are the superintendents and local school board trustees who are allowing this travesty of education into their schools, even though they have heard testimony after testimony from expert witnesses, parents, and students about how bad and harmful it is. School boards are also kept in line by the bribes coming from the state and federal treasuries, if they are willing to jump through all the hoops offered to them.

And lastly are the teachers who either truly believe in this new radical ideology and way of teaching or are so afraid of losing their jobs that they go along with it. Many courageous or disgusted teachers across the nation, however, have already resigned over this issue.

And who are the people who are being robbed blind by this vast group of thieves? They are our children. They are being robbed of what used to be an outstanding American, broad-based, highly-rated, liberal arts education. (That is back when liberal meant something good.)

And because of the radical, anti-American ideologies that children are being taught, the future of America is also being robbed. These graduating students in Common Core will know nothing of our great American heritage of liberty. They will know nothing of the three branches of government that are designed to keep power in check. They will not even notice as the executive branch grows larger and larger and the freedoms of America rapidly disappear. In fact, many of them will probably be applauding as that happens, for they will have already been so steeped in anti-American propaganda, they will be off in some foreign land fighting alongside ISIS.

There is one redeeming thought; the story of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” ends with all the thieves being boiled alive in hot oil. They get their just rewards.

Orlean Koehle is the President of Eagle Forum of California. Mrs. Koehle is the author of two books on Common Core: Common Core, the Trojan Horse for Education Reform and The Hidden Cs of Common Core: Cartel-written, Corporation-Driven, Cash Cow, Cradle-to-Grave Data Collection, Cogs in a Global Workforce, Cookie-Cutter Design, Costly, Central-Controlled, Citizens of the World, and Communist-Like.