Crimes of the Educators: A Must-Read Book

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Crimes of the Educators: A Must-Read Book

A new book by the late Samuel L. Blumenfeld and journalist Alex Newman explains most everything that is wrong with American education. The book is Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.

Blumenfeld and Newman say that “socialist utopians have been responsible for inflicting more pain on the human race than adherents to any other political philosophy.” These utopians are going strong in the realm of education. Some have entered the fray in order to make money. The authors say, “Public education represents the largest river of government cash flow in the United States, and the educationists get the money no matter how much failure they produce.”

Crimes of Radicals

Progressives have taken over public schools, schools of education, and teachers unions. Education concepts based on the work of Paulo Freire, “a leading Marxist theoretician,” progressive John Dewey, education theorist and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, and others have created a path of destruction as their faulty premises are used to teach future educators. The fallout is affecting children in classrooms every day.

John Dewey “advocated moving education away from individualistic high literacy in favor of social collectivism.” Dewey “wanted students to discuss information in groups rather than receive information by listening to a teacher.” This “cooperative learning” should more accurately be called “groupthink learning” because disagreeing opinions are drowned out by consensus.

Cooperative learning bases grades on students’ performance in a group. Competition is the hallmark of a capitalist, individualistic society, but “to the socialists, individualism creates a competitive spirit that is opposed to a collectivist spirit, which is needed in a socialist society,” according to the authors.

Crimes Against Reading

Progressives dismiss phonics as old fashioned and outdated. They promote “whole language” teaching methods as part of the “new literacy education,” which means children use pictures to decode and predict what might be happening. Whole language students memorize lists of words, as if they were Chinese characters, rather than using phonics to sound them out. This could work for some children up until about third grade when “the child will experience a learning breakdown,” as the number of words they must know to be literate outpaces the brain’s capacity to memorize. Memorizing becomes a block against seeing “words in their phonetic structure” and severely limits reading comprehension.

Children must learn to read phonetically in order to become good readers, to whom reading the written word is “easy, fluent, enjoyable, and accurate.” An intense phonics program is the only way to teach reading and to rescue those who have been cheated out of literacy.

The authors criticize group learning of reading, which takes place in classrooms when several children guess or predict what may happen by trying to decode using pictures instead of words. The authors state that the “purpose of whole language is to get rid of individualism. Reading is not, as whole language people claim, a social or collectivist activity. It is an individual activity.”

The public wonders, “How can children spend 12 years in school and not learn to read?” It’s because whole language relies on silliness; for example, if a student incorrectly sees the word “father” as “daddy,” that’s fine. Educrats call this a “miscue” and dismiss it because “the meaning is intact.” But people who can think realize it means the child doesn’t know how to read.

The authors assert that none of this is an accident. Limited reading capacity is one way to control the populace and keep students from independent learning opportunities. It means students learn only what progressive educators want them to learn. In this way they can be indoctrinated. It also is an insurance policy to maximize the number of low-information voters.

Causing ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia

“The faulty methods currently used to teach children to read can physically impair their brains,” according to the authors. They quote a neuroscientist who writes:

We now know that the whole-language approach is inefficient: all children regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds benefit from explicit and early teaching of the correspondence between letters and speech sounds. This is a well-established fact, corroborated by a great many classroom experiments. Furthermore, it is coherent with our present understanding of how the reader’s brain works.

Increased dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD diagnoses began around the same time that whole language gained momentum in public schools. The predictive guessing, word memorization, and other whole language methods lead to reversing and transposing letters, inducing dyslexia, and sometimes leads to ADD or ADHD.

Math Disaster

This books tells us, “Arithmetic deals with quantity. Math deals with relationships and uses of complex symbols.” Children must master counting skills, but are not encouraged to do so when using new math or “fuzzy” math.

The authors say, “Until rote learning is restored in our primary schools in the teaching of arithmetic, we can expect math failure to plague American public education for the foreseeable future.” They continue, “Once arithmetic facts are memorized through drill and practice with pencil and paper, kids will later be able to use calculators and computers with accuracy, spotting errors when they make them, always able to do the calculations on paper if necessary.”

Common Core is fuzzy math. It is full of guessing and estimating, with less focus on precision and correct answers than is necessary for successful math education.

The authors recommend Saxon math and Singapore math programs, which are often used by homeschoolers, to parents who want their children to have a solid start in math.

Going Green

The United Nations favors instilling “radical new values in children,” teaching them about being “green” and “sustainable,” along the lines of UN Agenda 21, which would control “virtually every facet of life.” The green and sustainable philosophies promote growth of the group idea, so that “group good, group understanding, group interrelations, and group goodwill replace all limited, self-centered objectives, easing to group consciousness,” leading to the “smashing of individualism and notions of individual rights, to be replaced with collectivism.”

Blumenthal and Newman explain that according to UN Agenda 21, “literally everything about human existence must dramatically change: lifestyles, opinions, education, health, consumption, production, agriculture, diet, law, taxation, industry, governance, and much more.” It is effectively, the “regimentation of human society.” It is a cradle-to-grave management of people, slotting them into the area the government deems them most suited, according to massive amounts of data collected about them from the time they enter kindergarten, regardless of their own hopes and desires.

Sex Without Marriage

Schools in most states promote sex education. The authors say that “instead of teaching that love and marriage should precede sex, [schools] teach that sex comes first without love or marriage.” This has resulted in premarital sex, abortion, unwed motherhood, fatherless families, the spread of venereal diseases, and emotional entanglements with which youth are unable to cope. In many cases, sex education in schools introduces “words, thoughts, and concepts to children long before it is developmentally appropriate for them,” along with some ideas that are never appropriate.

School-led sex education curriculum is often associated with the National Sexuality Education Standards, which are developed in association with Planned Parenthood and the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. The National Education Association teachers union promotes and allies themselves with these organizations.

The authors point out that a system unable to teach children to read certainly is incapable of teaching them about sex.

Teaching Nihilism

There is a multicultural and progressive treatise stating: “All knowledge is socially constructed. Therefore all knowledge is political.” Not only have secular humanists removed the Bible from classrooms, it has been replaced by multiculturalism and a belief that “humanity is a plague of the earth, causing global warming, species loss, destruction of the environment, and on and on.” This is a destructive message for children to hear.

The authors say, “Not to know the Bible is to be ignorant of the single most important spiritual and moral influence in Western civilization. That so-called educators and a school board can claim that Bible study is not curriculum-related is glaring proof that American public education is morally and academically bankrupt.”

Multiculturalism results in children being taught not to become Americans, but to be subdivided into groups; not to be patriotic, but to develop and maintain grievances against the country where they live. Assimilation has become a dirty word and has been replaced by a grievance mentality. According to revisionist historians now dominating education, most everything America has accomplished was motivated by greed.

The authors say that the current style of education promotes the idea that, “There is only the reality of one’s individual emotions and desires.” They continue: “Godless education leads to depression, suicide, and antisocial behavior.”
Common Core is “Consumer Fraud”

The authors say the Common Core movement “is basically a jobs program for bureaucrats, masters and doctors of education, and newly created think-tank staffs and ‘experts.’ It is also a make-work program for educators, administrators, career counselors, assorted federal bureaucrats, and textbook writers and publishers, who will rake in millions.”

Common Core-related data mining schemes by the Department of Education have nothing to do with education, according to the authors. They ask, “Does the federal government have the right to collect all this private information about every student and teacher in the public schools of America and house that data in perpetuity in a Washington data bank?” They say the answer is no, and that “it is a violation of the privacy rights of every American citizen.”

The same progressive educators who gave us Common Core are now promoting the Next Generation Science standards and National Sexuality Education standards.

Wake Up America!

Blumenthal and Newman tell us, “If there is any bright side to the whole battle over Common Core, it is that parents are becoming increasingly suspicious of both the education establishment and the politicians that fund it with ever-larger amounts of taxpayer money.” Common Core (CC) has also made clear the globalist education goals of certain politicians and private citizens like Bill Gates, the major non-governmental funder of CC. It is good that the public be made aware of reformers’ ties to the United Nations and their “New World Order” viewpoint, which favors teaching children to be “global citizens” with views at odds with “the U.S. Constitution, national sovereignty, individual liberty, God-given rights, Judeo-Christian values, and Western traditions,” and “the traditional notions of education.”

It is not too late for Americans to heed the warnings of the authors of Crimes of the Educators and to take steps to change education. We should accept their mandate to “convert our atheistic schools into godly schools, where the Bible is revered as America’s spiritual foundation, as basic to the American creed as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.”

The authors suggest other ways to save education:

  • Legislators should refuse to fund the Department of Education.
  • Teachers, legislators, and leaders must advocate literacy as the best solution to poverty.
  • Parents must advocate for their children by taking action to oppose Common Core.

Homeschooling is mentioned by the authors as “one very bright spot in education.” Homeschooling grew by 75% between 1999 and 2012, with about 4% of American students now being educated at home. The authors say, “Although 67% of American parents send their children to public schools, many have no idea what really goes on there.” They say, “It’s time for American parents to wake up.” Is it really too much to expect students to learn to read using phonics, to write in cursive, to memorize arithmetic facts, and to study history in chronological order?

The authors say, “Now that you know, choose your side and take action.”