Teachers Union is Pro-Abortion

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Teachers Union is Pro-Abortion

Each year at the NEA convention, a stalwart group of pro-life advocates bucks the status quo of abortion-friendly union policies and protests the flow of their dues money to support abortion. They ask that the NEA become “abortion neutral.” At the 2013 convention, a Bylaw Amendment was presented and voted on by delegates. Although it was voted down, it is a partial success for pro-life delegates because often the voices of those who oppose abortion are not heard at all. Several proposed actions have in past years been immediately “referred to committee,” effectively killing them.

Bylaw Amendment 3 stated: “NEA will not use dues monies for politically supporting abortion.”

In the Amendment impact statement, the union’s legal counsel wrote: “NEA supports reproductive freedom, which encompasses the right of a woman to choose to have a baby or not to do so.” The selection of the word “baby,” in place of the usual term “fetus,” disconcerted some delegates. There was concern that this might indicate union support for or condoning of partial-birth abortion or even the Gosnellesque practice of killing babies born alive.

Hoping for clarification, a delegate asked on the convention floor if this wording meant the NEA supports the death of a live baby. Union general counsel Alice O’Brien responded, “NEA supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom.” No further comment was offered by union leadership.

Discussion was brief; only a few comments were allowed before a motion was made to end discussion. The following day the amendment was defeated in a secret ballot vote with a vote of Yes (33.79 %) and No (66.21%). The vote indicates that one-third of delegates support halting the union’s use of dues for political support of abortion.

Delegates at the convention voted to support pro-abortion Texas state Senator Wendy Davis’s 11-hour filibuster against a pro-life bill that would stop abortions after 20 weeks gestation. The union adopted this statement: “The NEA Representational Assembly commends Texas State Senator Wendy Davis for her courageous filibuster to protect women’s rights. . . .”