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Education Briefs

The NEA is attempting to spin support of Common Core by 26% of its members as “strong support” among teachers. A National Education Association (NEA) teachers union poll of 1,200 members in July found that 50% of members polled only support Common Core standards with “some reservations,” while 11% outright “oppose” Common Core implementation. An additional 13% claim they don’t know enough to form an opinion. (NEA Today, 9-12-13)

A student at Modesto Junior College (MJC) in California states, “I was really stunned when they told me that I had to ask for permission to pass out Constitutions on campus.” Robert Van Tuinen, a U.S. Army veteran, intended to give other students Constitution booklets he obtained from the Heritage Foundation on Constitution Day. Instead, campus police escorted him to a school administrator’s office. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) wrote a letter to MJC protesting the violation of students’ First Amendment rights. (, 9-23-13)

Rev. James Tengatenga, a former Anglican bishop, was appointed dean of the Dartmouth College Tucker Foundation for Ethics, until the college president revoked the offer due to concerns that Tengatenga might not support homosexual marriage strongly enough. Although Tengatenga said he was committed to gay rights and has worked in support of them, possible past remarks about homosexuality caused the dean to fear “uncertainty and controversy,” and forced him to “call for a task force to clarify the [Tucker] foundation’s mission and structure.” (Business Week, 8-14-13)

The Black Alliance for Educational Options has joined with the Goldwater Institute, other organizations, and parents who are trying to stop the U.S. Justice Department from interfering in Louisiana’s school voucher program. The president of BAEO states, “There should be no reason whatsoever to deny children from low-income families a state scholarship that allows them to attend schools that might better meet their needs.”