Stop Common Core Candidate Pledge

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Stop Common Core Candidate Pledge

Eagle ForumIn April, Eagle Forum announced the new “STOP Common Core” pledge for candidates and office-holders at every level to sign in order to publicly show their opposition to Common Core. Within hours after the pledge was made available, Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) became the first to sign his name.

In the first few days alone, dozens of signers added their names to the pledge, including candidates and incumbents running for state and local school boards, state legislators, political committeemen, those seeking municipal positions and state-wide offices.

This pledge will allow Eagle Forum and others to more quickly identify and support — both with grassroots efforts and finances — those candidates for office that share the conservative values of Eagle Forum. One example is a candidate for the Los Angeles Unified School Board. She quickly signed the pledge and earned the recommendation of Eagle Forum state leadership in California, which allowed them to throw support and financial backing into her campaign.

The text of the pledge is very simple and clear.

I will: 1) oppose Common Core in all its forms and no matter what name it is given; 2) limit or eliminate the various aspects of Common Core that are currently being implemented including but not limited to data collection, directed vocational education, and nationalized standard tests (e.g. PARCC and Smarter Balanced); and 3) make public my opposition to Common Core.

According to Eagle Forum:

This pledge must make it into the hands of every candidate and incumbent from the oval office to your mayor’s office, and we need you — every parent and concerned citizen — to help spread the word and get every current or aspiring public official to put their name on the line to protect our kids, not the Washington special interests.