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Education Briefs

Michigan taxpayers may soon be forced to pay for even more underqualified and undercommitted students to attend college. Michigan Democrats have proposed a plan that would offer free tuition at Michigan state universities to every student who attended Michigan public schools every year from Kindergarten through high school. If passed, the plan would cost an estimated $1.7 billion per year and would mostly benefit the middle and upper class students whose votes the Democrats have long courted.

An anonymous atheist family is suing a Massachusetts school district for using the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. The family, which has three children in the Acton-Boxwell Regional School District, argues that the Pledge violates the Massachuesetts Constitution’s Equal Rights Amendment. State law requires that the Pledge be recited every morning at school, though district officials were quick to point out that students’ participation is strictly voluntary. The use of the phrase “under God” has been challenged in Federal courts before, but this is the first time the challenge has been based on state law.

California children as young as 12 are being encouraged to use a state program that provides free condoms by mail. Students who sign up at receive a package of ten condoms, lubricant, and sex-ed literature in the mail. The items come in a plain yellow envelope so that parents need not know about their arrival. also features tips on how teens can access birth control, abortion services, pregnancy testing, mental health services, prenatal care, and testing and treatment for STDs “without anyone else finding out.”

One New Jersey School has been declared “a no hugging school.” Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School Principal Tyler Blackmore issued the hugging ban in response to some “incidents of unsuitable, physical interactions,” MSNBC reported. “It makes our school look bad, and it makes our school look like we do more than hug, but we do not,” complained one student.